Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fresh Coleslaw

Today was an awesome day in that I got back to Trader Joe’s. I hadn’t been in so long I had forgot the glory of a Trader Joe’s and all the wonderful things you can find there. I got a lot of new things I hope to try and post reviews of. My BF’s mom also introduced me to an Italian market stocked with fresh breads, meats and other authentic Italian ingredients (not to mention, the place smelled amazing). We had an awesome lunch at a great Thai place that I hadn’t been to before (as we ate I contemplated where I could get good food shots to write a review) and finished the day off with a few farm stands on the way home that I never even knew were close by.


Could the day get any better? How bout having the kitchen to yourself all night to make the best pulled pork sandwich ever and get some other baking done for the weekend. Windows open with the radio cranked up. Yeah, it was a perfect kind of day.




All in all the day was a reminder that shopping healthy, fresh and local isn’t as hard as I think it is. It would be a lot better then just defaulting to the convenience of the local chain market. Real ingredients, real people and overall better food; I should really set a goal to become more of a local shopper. It’s amazing what you can miss in your own backyard and how much you can learn just by asking a few simple questions to the right people.

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  1. Jillian says

    This was my first time cooking pulled pork! The pork was perfectly cooked and very tender, however, it was extremely salty and spicy from the pepper. I’d cut back on the rub used.

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