Peanut Butter Squares Recipe


I have an uncle who considers peanut butter its own food group. I don’t remember a time that there hasn’t been the option of peanut butter and crackers at his house, which can really hit the spot sometimes. So the other day for my uncles birthday, I made him these peanut butter squares that I had seen a while ago.Β  Let me just say, these are everything I want in a dessert. Little bite of heaven. To top it off, they were really easy (coming together quickly, with only a few ingredients).


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  1. Kori says

    Anything with the word peanut butter draws me in too! I love it. Although I’m not a fan of chocolate, there are many in my family who are and would love these bars. Thanks for sharing!

  2. kimberlee knight says

    My favorite quick dessert would have to chocolate cream cheese cupcakes. I can whip them up in minutes and they’re so yummy!

  3. RavieNomNoms says

    Oh wow, these look so yummy. You really can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. When I was younger my grandmother used to make graham cracker treats for us with chocolate frosting in the middle. She would put them in the fridge so they would stay together better. Those are my favorite quick dessert.

  4. Maureen says

    Real fast dessert usually is something like rice krispie treats but otherwise I might make lemon squares or a quick bread to put ice cream on top of .

  5. Maya says

    My favorite dessert has got to be chocolate fondant, you know, those little chocolate cakes with a gooey chocolate centre. When you put your fork through it, the melting chocolate just oozes slowly out…oh, it’s just heaven!

  6. says

    my go to quick dessert is chocolate fondue since it’s just some melted chocolate spiked with some liquor. add fruit and some pound cake and you’re all set.

  7. says

    Oh yum! My favorite dessert (for the moment – it changes quite often!) is chocolate chip cookie brownies – brownies with cookie dough baked through it.

  8. Sarah Brooks says

    My favorite quick dessert is my vegan s’mores pie. It’s a no-bake pie with only 4 ingredients and it’s VERY rich. I am now following you on twitter and “like” your facebook page.

  9. says

    AND they’re gluten free, which I still don’t really get what that means, but I recognize it because there’s no flour in there. These peanut butter squares look amazing! They remind me of the peanut butter dream bars from Mrs Fields, which is my favorite thing to get there. Happy birthday to your uncle!

  10. says

    Congratulations on your first givewaway! And these peanut butter squares look absolutely amazing!!

    My favorite quick dessert is pulling into Cold Stone Creamery and ordering a sundae the size of my head. Just kidding. My favorite quick dessert these days is a warm chocolate chip cookie – so satisfying!

  11. says

    I have so many family members like your uncle. If it has peanut butter in it they will eat it. I know that my family will enjoy these.

  12. says

    My favorite quick dessert is sliced peaches with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Delicious! Cute apron – can’t wait to wear it. πŸ˜‰

  13. Valerie says

    These peanut butter bars are my all-time favorite quick dessert, with the no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies a close second! Num!

  14. says

    All of a sudden I’m really glad I didn’t make any crazy New Year resolution to eat less dessert….bring on the PB and chocolate! My favorite easy dessert are good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies…they never get old!

  15. Susie D. says

    None of my favorite desserts is quick to bake or make, so for quick I’d have to say ice cream! But if I have the time, it would be pecan pie!

  16. Lora @cakeduchess says

    Those bars look wonderful !! My favorite quick dessert is a
    Nutella peanut butter fudge. Wonderful giveaway! Apron is so cute!

  17. Lotte says

    These bars look lovely πŸ˜€ My favourite quick dessert; well, there’s so many to choose from! But right now I’d have to say are chocolate brownies that are gooey and moist πŸ˜€

  18. says

    I would have to say that my favorite is fruit crisp, with any flavor of fruit. The crisp comes together so easliy and come out of the oven piping hot, with juicy fruit, a sweet and crunchy crust, and then you add a scoop of ice cream on it and watch it start to melt its way in to the hot fruit. Mmmm

  19. Gina says

    My favorite quick dessert is a little ricotta, sugar, and a little instant espresso powder blended together, it’s perfect. These peanut butter squares are amazing looking, and the apron is too cute. I’m following you on facebook, twitter, and RSS feed.

  20. Amy Gregor says

    Wow. These look yummy! I too consider PB to be a worthy food category all on its own.
    My favourite (and quick!) dessert recipe is lemon mousse. Just whip up a batch of double cream and fold in some good quality store bought lemon curd. Delicious!

  21. Lisa S says

    Any dessert no matter how long it takes is my favorite. But when I’m desperate…a 1/4 c. ricotta with a little vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

  22. Jackie says

    We used to have these in elementary school. In fact my alma mater has a FB page dedicated to them. Your recipe looks a wee bit more refined though than our lunchroom version.

    As for my favorite quick dessert, I’d have to go with cupcakes. I can make them in a flash and they’re always a crowd pleaser. Either that or snickerdoodles.

  23. Janet says

    Impossible question! I am going to go with my current fave which is chocolate cake. Making it from scratch takes about 3 minutes longer than a mix but it’s divine!

  24. says

    I have to agree with your uncle and these look delicious. Chocolate and peanut butter were meant to be together, that’s all there is to it! My favorite quick dessert is no bake cookies…once again peanut butter and chocolate. :)

    That apron is beautiful! I’m afraid to go check out your etsy site for fear I will ruin my financial diet…

    I’ve got you on my Facebook but I must have missed the fact that you are on Twitter. See you there!

  25. Alex H says

    It might not seem quick but it actually can be made fairly quickly. My favorite quick dessert? Rice pudding. Oh yeah. I could eat it for days. No kidding.


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