Irish Eyes Cocktail

The thing about a great cocktail is that it should be easy. Real easy. A few simple ingredients in a shaker and strain. Perfect after dinner cocktail. And this particular one is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. With a touch of mint and some smooth Irish Whiskey this cocktail can take the place of dessert for tonight. (Or go side by side with a scoop of mint ice cream…. if you’re feeling dangerous)… When chowing down on a stout pot pie the other night (stay tuned for the recipe), someone commented that the Irish aren’t known for a […]

New Orleans Special Cocktail

Last Tuesday was the big old celebration down in New Orleans. A city that has been on my bucket list for years. Not for the party, but for the history, culture and most of all the food. I know that there are still a lot of places rebuilding from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, but someday, I want to see it… I have a feeling it may be one of those places that I could have a serious love affair with… Bet it would be kinky too. We celebrated Mardi Gras by tossing beads at one another and getting fancy in […]

Dark Moon Cocktail

12 Days of Cookies and Cocktails  Sometimes I forget my age. Coffee is still a very adult drink. One served to the grown ups at the end of a meal or before work. And now that I when I need to prove just how grown up I am to myself, I occasionally order a coffee. (Which no lie, has turned into a rapid love affair with caffeine). I found, that like most things with being an adult, I didn’t like it right away but learned I had to have it just my way to really enjoy it. This… this is […]

Campfire Crunch Cocktail

The 12 Days of Cookies and Cocktails There’s a time and place for getting cozy. I’m talking downright comfy with over-sized sweaters, a crackling fire place and someone to rub noses with. A big throw blanket and some fuzzy socks. Dang, I think I’m starting to talk myself into this.  And here is the perfect cocktail for those cozy nights. A Campfire Crush. With a little Jack Daniels, Kahlua and  cream, this is a sweet sip that will go to your head if you don’t sit back and take it slow. So, grab that book you have been eyeing up […]

Pear-Ginger Rum Runner Cocktail

The 12 Days of Cookies and Cocktails Looking for something with a little kick this season? Give this pear rum runner a try and see if that doesn’t get the party started!  The week is winding down, the days are really short, and there are a million things still to be done. With all that’s going on and the clock always racing, tick tock, I think we need to take five. Let me just hand you a little cocktail right about now, kick off those shoes, make yourselves comfy and let’s just unwind for a minute. That to do list […]

Seattle Food Tour & Boozy Sweet Potato Pie Milkshake

And a Seattle Weekend Recap A few months back Peabody, Erin and I tossed out the idea of a weekend get together, and since I am all about random acts of awesome lately, we made it happen. So, what happens when you put 3 totally hot food bloggers with only one man and a puppy in a mecca of organic seasonal and fresh food? We sit in our PJs and watch Magic Mike and Bad Words til all hours of the morning. Duh. And eat… a lot. Seriously, we were on a mission to pack as much food into 2 days as […]

Phoenix Cocktail

Phoenix Cocktail ||

We all need our moments. Quiet private moments where we can turn inward and give our self a second to breath. This is for that moment. Come home, kick off the work shoes and allow yourself to completely let go of all the stress of the day. Turn on some music, light a candle, and mosey into the kitchen to make one of these phoenix cocktails. Simple, sweet, and just what the doctor ordered. Coffee may get the engine started, but this is the moment you were looking forward too all day. Savor it. PrintPhoenix Cocktail A local restaurant offered […]

The Only Sangria Recipe You’ll Ever Need

There’s something about sangria…. It’s sweet, it’s mature, and it will get you stone cold drunk faster than you can imagine if you aren’t careful (be cool, sip it slow). This particular one is a classic red, with mounds of fresh produce, and a secret little hidden gem – vanilla brandied cherries… oh, and a little extra of that infused brandy as well. So, whether you are sitting poolside at a summer BBQ or spreading some warmth this winter, this sangria recipe is your go-to cocktail recipe for entertaining large crowds. Just make sure someone else has the car keys. […]

Frozen Rum Runner Cocktails

A lot of people get this idea that “food blogging” is so fun (that is, once they google food blogging, because the rest of the world still thinks it’s just a really weird fad, like bronies – which is NWS if you go to google that too, but with instagram). We are all always out at the hottest new restaurant wining and dining our booties off with them there fancy cameras. Reality check. It’s Friday night and I just mixed my own cocktail after working over time this week at my full time salary-based job. I am eating leftover ribs […]

Mint Strawberry Crush Cocktail

Whew! It’s amazing what putting a little out there really does for yourself. Since I confessed to you guys on Tuesday that things weren’t going to well and my one man pity party was officially canceled, I have a whole new perspective on things. It’s like a breath of fresh air punched me in the face (literally, I’m sitting outside typing this and it’s like 9 million degrees). I suddenly want to write with purpose and keep it real. The way blogs used to be before pinterest and facebook brain washed us into a forced numbers game. Let’s start with […]

Rosemary Blackberry Cocktail 

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m a natural born dreamer. I’m want to buy one of these old campers and deck it out with my style. I’d hit the road with my dogs and just drive where ever the wind took me. I would see mountains and canyons. I would see trees so big I could live in them. And coasts that collided with boulders over stormy cliffs. Really, I think I am talking myself more and more into this. Meanwhile, over in reality, while shopping the other night for a new blouse, the young lady behind the counter informed […]

Tagalong Bourbon Shakes for One

Tagalong Bourbon Shakes \

Is everyone else ready for the weekend? I know I am. I am second shooting a wedding at the beautiful Delaware History Museum and planning on spending Sunday taking my sweet time, sipping on one (or possibly two) of these deadly little girl scout cookie inspired Tagalong Bourbon Shakes and mandating some much needed sit on my booty around the fire time off. It’s been all hands on deck, with no sign of things slowing down in the future – and you know what? I am ready for it. Excited for it. I’m excited about a lot of things these days…. […]

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Pops with RumChata

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Pops with RumChata |

We’re almost there… Only a few more weeks until summer vacation. Kids are out, schedules slow down, vacations are to be had, and beaches are to be enjoyed. Yeah right! My schedule never slows down. But hopefully you are in final countdown mode and are looking forward to all things warmer weather and longer days are bringing. Me, I’m just hoping to make it to my Cinco de Mayo festival on time! Cuz I am totally bringing these Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Pops… especially after I added a little RumChata to them… And then added a little more. If they […]

Raspberry Sake Tea Cocktail

Raspberry Sake Tea \

I don’t watch much TV, but I know through the wonderful time sink of facebook that Winter was Coming. Months ago. But, please Mother Nature, let it go. It’s time for spring. Time for the fear of frozen nights and possible flurries to pass and for me to bust out the flip flops. Time for riding until the sun sinks below the horizon and sitting back and unwinding. It’s time. Last night I hung in for my second ride at Iron Hill. It’s a fast flowy little park, and I never thought I’d say this (because the giant rocks sort […]

Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander Cocktail ||

There’s enough mint, Guinness, and corned beef on the web today to fill you Pinterest stream for weeks. Being the rebel that I am, I decided to break away from the Irish themed recipes and run with this classy cocktail all my own. Ever since I was a small child, I have always associated the Brandy Alexander as a classy after dinner grown up drink. My father used to finish his meal with one any time we went out to dinner. In my mind it was an important part of ending the meal. Not cake, not ice cream. No, this […]

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum //

First, let me just say my entire food blogging career could all come down to something as simple as this. No, not even the cocktail. The butter. More specifically, the Vanilla Bean Butter. Oh sweet baby Jesus. I can’t even explain how amazing this is. I hate myself for not thinking this up on my own. And not discovering it 20 or so years ago. Given race season starts in a few weeks, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t know about vanilla bean butter…. Second, after months of bitter cold, dark, dreary days covered with nasty slushy slow that […]

The Jack Rose Cocktail

The Jack Rose Cocktail //

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? We’re escaping a weekend early to test our luck on the slopes. We have geared up (thanks to some awesome friends) and are headed out for a new sort of adventure. A much much needed short escape from reality. I am really hoping for some time with my hands on a strong drink (or hot cocoa… ok, maybe a spiked hot cocoa) and a cozy seat by the fire. If you want random pictures of our adventures (maybe even play along with my Waffle House drinking game) make sure to follow along on instagram. […]

Dulce de Leche Rum Shooters #CaptainsTable

Dulce de Leche Rum Shooters from

Iechyd da! (Fun fact, Captain Morgan is named after a Welsh privateer. Learn something new everyday.) Today is the last of my submissions to #CaptainsTable. If you haven’t caught any of these posts yet, please do check them out. It has been awesome to participate in such a fun event with many other bloggers from around the net and for a good cause. I hope this worked out well for the Captain too and received the kind of feed back he was looking for. Every time #CaptainsTable was retweeted Captain Morgan donated a dollar to help end hunger! Very simple […]

Pomegranate Fizz for #captainstable

Pomegranate Fizz #captainstable from

Can I be on strike? The tree has already come down, the decorations away, my local gym suddenly packed with New Years Eve resolution-ers who I truly hope make it more than a few weeks. I’ve seen Valentine’s decorations on display and Easter candy end caps (seriously… Easter people? It’s January. We all know those Cadbury eggs aren’t making it to no basket.) And I realized as I look around my jingle-stripped house that I wasn’t ready to pack up the Santas and tinsel quite yet. I wasn’t ready to start the to-do lists and the 2014 projects and plans. […]

New Year’s Eve Bar Tips

Bar Set Up from

Setting up a perfect bar is hard on a budget, but keep one thing in mind – it doesn’t have to be perfect! If your friends were expecting that they should have tried getting into Milk & Honey weeks ago. Now this celebration is about ringing in the New Year with good company and fine times. Here is an easy, classy bar set up that you can put together on the quick and not break your bank over. (No lie though, it’s not the cheapest party you could throw). Put all the fixings out and let people mix their own […]

The Black Almond for #CaptainsTable

Black Almond Cocktail via

It’s full on fast paced action packed holiday season. Deny it if you will, but it’s December and time is flying by this year in a blink and I haven’t been able to catch up. Don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you and your cocktail parties without a fun new drink to serve your (sometimes unexpected) guests. This cocktail was created by my father during and evening of recipe development with Captain Morgan run for Captain’s Table, a fun program Captain Morgan Rum is hosting through the season. For every recipe tweeted (retweeted and so on and so […]

Painkiller Cocktail

Painkiller Cocktail from

The other day my boyfriend came back from a quick errand all pleased with himself. I was brushing my teeth and he starts hollering to come out and see what he got me. I rolled my eyes and went about brushing my teeth. We’ve been together while, I know his quick trip to the market and liquor store in no way resulted in a present for me. Yet he continues to call for my attention from the hallway. And you know that exact moment when you start to get excited. Like, maybe Handsome really did find something that was perfect for […]

Raspberry Mojitos

Raspberry Mojitos from

Yesterday we decided to ride a grueling 60 mile road ride in 90 degree heat. That means waking up at early on my only day off, gearing up and going for almost 4 hours of constant pedaling. It was a long flat coastal ride (ignore that power plant in the distance) with great company and new friends. But it was long, and I am still new at this. It was long, and at mile 40 I was feeling it and I knew that last mile included a bridge. A big bridge. A bridge that was bigger on the way back […]

Sipping on… Seagram’s Escapes

Tropical Breeze from

It has been a long hard week. One of those crazy work from early til late, get home and more work is still waiting to be done. Wash, rinse, repeat.   You know those days. And as much as I would love to think that this avid food blogger can whip up a meal and a cocktail every single night–even on those busy ones–it just doesn’t happen. Seagram’s Escapes came to the rescue a few nights this week. With fun refreshing drinks, it was a great option to have in the fridge without having to mix something up myself. I […]

Simple Strawberry Margaritas for One

Strawberry Margaritas for One from

This recipe was made for you and those fancy single serve blenders and those late night too long work days packed with more than enough stress. Or maybe a quick drink to serve with individual flair at a small get together… Or just add more of everything, make it by the pitcher and shove some straws in there. Maybe just one straw. (Can you tell what kind of day I’m having… ignoring that this posts at 8 or so in the morning).  As for those individual blenders  I love mine, and use it for everything. I make myself a spinach smoothie almost every […]

Bahama Mama… I think

Bahama Mama via

When it comes to tossing back drinks, I’m never one to get sloppy drunk (except for that once, but the Storm Troopers made me do it) but sipping an occasional cocktail and letting my hair down. Yeah, I am all about that. Especially if be occasional, we mean on a daily basis and if by hair down we mean giggling like a school girl then yes. Exactly. While hanging out at The Guesthouse at Lost River, I figured I’d try something new. Asking the young bartender what he was good at making, he started whipping up what he called a Bahama Mama. I hate a […]