Fajita Stew

Did any of you tune in for the new show on Discovery channel, Doomsday Preppers about the people who live their lives prepping for world destruction and the business that capitalizes on their fears by selling them ‘bunkers’? Cuz I did. Wow. Our world is pretty screwed up at the moment, there is a lot going on all over the place. There are countless things to be afraid of, and that’s what this show is about. Not one type of fear, but all – from war to electromagnetic pulses from the sun that will send all of our satellites pluming into our atmosphere.

I’m having a hard time though, wrapping my head around living like this. I have a hard enough time getting to work without being struck by SUV’s that hop lanes, hit cars, and drive away (true story) to worry about the sun sending out pulses that will wipe us out. But why do we always prep for the worst? In movies or for instance, on this show, everyone is preparing for the most vile of humanity to step forward. It makes me sad that we would rather fortify our houses and build up ammo stashes then be prepared to help one another.




  1. WANT THIS!! Looks terrific and delish.

  2. Hopefully, we’ll have a “few” more cool nights in the South where I can make this. this and a big hunk of jalapeno cornbread would be fantastic!

  3. Oh, my gosh,Kita, this sounds fabulous!!! And with short ribs????? YUMMY!

  4. That show sounds creepy – I am still getting over my odd fascination with Storage Wars and American Pickers, and am scared to try Hoarders….
    Looks like a wonderful stew! :)

  5. I believe that when my time comes, it will come, and there’s nothing I can do about it :)
    Lovely stew, and the pictures are stunning!

  6. The world definitely has some odd balls in it.

  7. This looks like the perfect meal for my household. We eat a ton of meat, and I’m big on soups and stews. I have never ever thought to put short ribs in a stew, and I think this is brilliant! I actually have some short ribs in my freezer right now. I can tell how deliciously your stew turned out and I can’t wait to try it!

  8. I am shocked my husband hasn’t found that show yet. He lives between the Discovery and History Channel.
    I love this stew! Fajita’s are my favorite thing to get!

  9. The dish looks really comforting :) Super flavourful and melt-y :)

  10. This is a great idea. I love fajitas and I love stew, so this seems like a perfect combination. I’d probably throw some blackbeans in as well.

  11. Looks divine! I have to give this a try. I am going to pin it, so I remember to make it. Thanks!

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