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Cajun Sausage Pasta with Chicken

Cajun Sausage Pasta with Chicken – This quick and easy dinner recipe is full of spicy Cajun sausage, juicy pieces of chicken breast, shrimp, and a creamy white sauce, all served over tender pasta.

Cajun Sausage Pasta with Chicken - This quick dinner recipe has spicy Cajun sausage, juicy chicken breast, shrimp, and a creamy white sauce, all served over tender pasta.

Let me introduce you to my new best friend Cajun Sausage Pasta.

The first meal of the year, and my god, was it good. I have been eyeing up this recipe for a while and finally after my boyfriend put a hard days work in ripping out and redoing his own bathroom, I figured a great meal would be a good reward.  Cajun sausage pasta with chicken, tweaked from Southern Living. This recipe was as amazing as I had expected it would be. I just warn you, the timing is tricky. I have tried to work some of that out here for you, but bear in mind that this did take a while.

Its rich, loaded with calories and other bad goodness and worth every not weight-watchers bite. If your New Year’s resolution involved losing weight, I suggest running a few miles both before and after you enjoy this.


Ok, so my notes for this recipe are that the timing is waaaay off. You could wait until you add the chicken broth to cook the fettuccine and it would be much nicer. According to SL this recipe takes 40 minutes top to bottom. It didn’t. It may next time now that I have experienced it, but the first time it took about an hour and a half. It may also be my stove top, but I had to turn the heat to medium to return anything to a simmer and it took about 15 minutes, not 8. There is also enough left over (maybe) to fill a casserole dish for freezing and enjoying later. I will try to remember to make a note about how that goes.

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All in all, this Cajun sausage pasta is a recipe that is 100% worth making.

New Years resolutions are hard to keep.
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