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Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli

Cranberry bean pasta fagioli is a hearty comfort food soup. Cranberry beans are added to a traditional Italian soup with pasta, kale, and pancetta. Beyond delicious! I’ve caught a mean case of Spring Fever. It’s normally cold through March in my neck of the woods, with warmth breaking through here and there. Well, Mother Nature …

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Strawberry Layer Cake for Valentine’s Day

Strawberry layer cake with whipped strawberry filling between moist layers of vanilla cake and an outside edge of crunchy Pirouette cookies. This is what Valentine’s Day love is made of. You asked for Valentine’s Dy posts, well here’s one for ya. Now try and tell me those layers don’t scream love! When I first saw this strawberry …

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Steak Salad with Sour Cream Potatoes

Steak salad, served on a bed of spinach with sour cream potatoes is a an easy and delicious weeknight dinner. You just can’t go wrong with meat and potatoes. Some nights you just know you can cook. Tonight was one of those nights. Dinner was a steak salad with spinach and sour cream potatoes… simple, easy, healthy, …

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