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Cheddar Beer Weenies and BBQ Hot Wings

Cheddar beer weenies, (cocktail wieners), are bacon-wrapped bite sized hot dogs, drenched in melted cheese. BBQ wings are the easiest game day recipe ever. These recipes are perfect to snack on anytime! Because I’m an awesome planner (or maybe I am just a freak about my magazines), I ripped out a page from Rachael Ray October 2011 …

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Super Bowl Food: Pizza Nachos

Super Bowl food is practically a requirement for Superbowl Sunday. This easy game day recipe for pizza nachos will keep the football fans cheering for more. Next weekend is the Super Bowl, where even people like myself who know little about sports, and less about football, gather around the television and are suddenly avid fans. Every …

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Favorites: Caprese Appetizer Skewers

Favorites come in many shapes and sizes. Favorites in music, for example, is dependent on the listener’s tastes. When it comes to recipes, favorites are typically quick and easy, like these caprese appetizer skewers. Remember the chain emails that asked you a billion questions so your friends could get to know you better? Yeah, after the …

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