Whiskey-Glazed Pork Chops & Corn Chowder Mac n’ Cheese

Did you know what you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you have dreams of being a fireman or an astronaut? When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a marine biologist in the worst way. It wasn’t a ‘kind of sort of I’d like to do that someday’. I simply knew I wanted to be a marine biologist. I loved science of all sorts, but I have always been fascinated by the water. Even as a child, I thought it was really neat that we didn’t know all of the mysterious creatures that were hanging out on our own planet and felt an insane curiosity towards them. I was curious about them, wanted to learn more and see how they had evolved, or in some cases hadn’t. I was never scared of the ocean, and on family vacations would let my Poppop take me out past where the waves break to that calmer area where you can float a bit. I never bought into the shark hysteria or was bothered by my Delaware water not being crystal clear. I knew there were things in there with me, and I was ok with that. ]

Until I discovered jelly fish. I believe it was at the Batlimore aquarium where they had a huge jelly fish exibit with the glowing globs just floating in tubs with their long tenticles floating all around. Their alien like nature, with no real purpose other than to consume and reproduce just got under my skin and suddenly I was terrified of them. I could no longer go in the ocean and knew my dreams of marine biology ended that very moment.

I still get sucked into great articles on new marine species and discoveries. Love me some lore about giant squids and other creatures we haven’t yet disproved. And would some day still like to see mysteries under the sea from a very protected large impenetrable submarine of some sort. Not for any of the real horrors that live in the ocean, but for the mindless floating jelly fish…

I guess things don’t always turn out the way we plan, but we can make a killer fool-proof dinner if we want. I sincerely urge you to try this meal. It was a much needed little variety from out normal beef or poultry with mac and cheese. The glaze really makes the pork chops out standing and the mac and cheese chowder is just a great spin on two delicious things.






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  1. says

    Oh my gosh I wanted to be a marine biologist so badly as well! I loved being in the water growing up and it didn’t matter to be if it was cold. But I really wanted to study dolphins because I was (and still kind of am) in love with them. But then I found out most marine biologists spend their time in labs instead of in the water with the creatures so that bummed me out. And I somehow ended up getting my PhD spending 12 hours a day in a lab staring at yeast cultures… wtf?

    Oh and btw this meal is awesomeness. I want it.

  2. Tanya C. says

    I wanted to be a trainer for Killer Whales at Seaworld. That dream died when I could not learn to swim without holding my nose! LOL! Oh well, the dinner looks awesome though!

  3. says

    Whiskey glazed?! PERFECT! How did you know that Whiskey is my favorite?

    Those little mac n’ cheeses are so cute too! Love that they are individual!

    I wanted to be a geologist. I thought rocks were the coolest ::insert dork comment::

  4. says

    Oh, I’ll be making those pork chops. Holy cow I love the idea of that sauce. I don’t think I can sell the family on the mac and cheese though. It’s not from the blue box. I guess I could eat the whole thing myself? Hmmmmm

    I wanted to be a nurse for forever. All my dolls had tiny holes in their arms and butts from me sticking them with pins. I even went to a year of nursing school before I discovered that major sickness in others breaks my heart. So, I became an English major instead. :)

  5. says

    Both recipes sounds really good. I know my husband is more excited about the “whiskey glazed” pork chop, but my kids and I will finish the entire batch of this delicious corn chowder mac n cheese! WOW, that looks so good. I need to pin this and try it one day. 😉

  6. says

    This entire meal looks amazing. Love your little cast iron skillets. Jelly fish are strange and weird I am totally with you on that.

  7. says

    Both of these sound amazing, but I am really wanting that mac and cheese!!!

    I used to want to be a marine biologist too! Mostly because of our frequent trips to Sea World. But, now, the ocean kind of scares me. And jellyfish are a big part of that!

  8. Matt says

    Just found this via Tasteologie, and wanted to let you know that this meal looks absolutely incredible!! Pinned!!

  9. says

    I was really excited about the reefs in Hawaii, until I stepped on an urchin on Friday… won’t be going near the reefs for a while… But at least I have your amazing recipes to drool over to make me feel better. This is right up my alley… definitely on the list to make.


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