Top 11 Recipes of 2011: Readers Favorites

Another year is coming to an end and my second ‘real’ year of blogging. Things are chugging a long at a pace that sometimes leaves me a little over whelmed and wanting my pillow, yet for the most part, that I am happy with. Regardless of my jest in last years round-up about living the life of the Pioneer Woman, no amount of plaid in my wardrobe is going to disillusion me. I have no aspirations of being a full-time food blogger.

This is my hobby. It’s my fun and my outlet. I have made great friends, and hope to continue to make more. I have eaten well. I think we rarely have had a repeat meal except for some of out classic favorites that we simply couldn’t live without.
I  see less and less prepackaged excuses in my pantry and more and more simplicity in meals that I would have not to long ago considered far too complex or difficult for weeknight. And yes, I still order take out pizza on nights when I’m just too tired to think about getting home at 9 and cooking a meal after working all day.

I haven’t really decided on my blog goals for 2011 (maybe tomorrows post) but I am toying with some. I have a few goals for my personal life that if I type up and share with you will be official so it will be statistically more likely that I accomplish them. As its 10:07PM and I haven’t even taken my boots off yet, you will have to sit on the edge of your seat in suspense until I have time to jot these down in more detail tomorrow.

For now, thank you once again for another great year. I appreciate every comment, every pin, every tweet and every like on Facebook.

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    Keep up the good work. Now you have me thinking about my blogging resolutions. I think my favorites out of your top were the bubble up pizza (obviously!) and the waffle ice cream sandwhiches… as well as your blueberry cheesecake martini which i think i will make as a celebration when i move to Hawaii next week!

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    A wonderful year!! While I remember most of these posts, the Strawberry Popsicles and the Chai Thumbprints I missed on the first go around. Both so tempting!! Liv will want to make the popsicles if I show her, so perhaps I will wait a bit as I’m tired of doing dishes!
    I’m with you on the blogging goals… much as I’d love the be a Pioneer Woman, my life restrictions just won’t let it work. My main priority is to my family and the blog gets the time left over. Like you, we have eaten well this year and I’ve found and tried new recipes that we have come to love! I’d call that success!
    Looking forward to 2012 and what wonderful delights you bring along with it!

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    Looks like a great year you had. For just a hobby, you sure did achieve some many fine things. Congratulations! Looking forward to another year of yummies. Happy Yummy Year, Kita! xo

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    Oh wow, many of the recipes I have not read before….I am in love with the cookie dough cupcakes, and the cherry coke float cupcakes, YUM!!!! So happy I follow your beautiful blog, Hugs, Terra

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    I am loving that list. It has so many wonderful foods on it…that chicken gnocchi soup reminded me that I need to make some more! I have been thinking of 2012 goals…and not had much luck coming up with a satisfying list.

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    A delicious year and I LOVE the way you did the photographs with the numbers on the left side! I look forward to 2012 and seeing what you come up with next!

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    I loved and still love reading your blog and all these deliciousness is making me hungry. You know how much I wanted to make those pumpkin kisses thumbprints and can’t wait for the seasonal kisses to hit the shelves!
    Looking forward to what 2012 has in store for you.
    Happy New Year Kita!!

    p.s. will email you these days :)

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