Halloween Popcorn


I remember walking along the board walk when I was little with my parents. It was night time and the whole boardwalk was lit up and people were everywhere. I saw an awesome ride in the distance that looked like a whirley car going down a hill. I pointed to it and my father asked if that’s what I really wanted to go on, so I nodded yes.   What he thought I was pointing at and what I actually wanted to do were two very different things and the next thing I knew I was in my first haunted […]

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes


My lil girl kitten, Kiori, loves to counter cruise, which is not a behavior I condone. Leave a stick of butter out and she can’t help herself, up on the counter tops she goes to claim it as her own. She has calmed down a bit since our counters aren’t as spacious as out last living arrangements and I only really catch her up there once in a while (like this morning when two sticks of butter were coming to room temp – or when someone leaves pizza crust on a plate. Not pointing any fingers or anything).   The […]

Summer Sweet Corn Chowder


You know what would make Ikea really amazing? If it was in the tiniest building ever. The rooms are all designed for small efficient living and yet the building its all hosted in is a labyrinth of winding halls. I know this is not a feasible idea, but wouldn’t it really seal the deal on the magic of Ikea if the building was even tiny?   So yeah, we went to Ikea the other day for who knows what (because by the time we got there, we couldn’t remember why we had to go). They did the smartest thing I […]

Cream Cheese Marbled Brownies


It’s dark, late and your tired. As you pull into your driveway your headlights illuminate two yard gnomes sitting, patiently contemplating their next chess move. At first it startles you and then, as you get over the creepiness of your new visitors, you realize, you’ve been gnomed.   Have you heard of ‘gnoming‘? A customer of mine was telling me about it. It’s a game played amongst friends where you place gnomes surreptitiously for your friends to find. The only rule is that if you are called on your ‘gnoming’ you have to own it. Seriously, I want to go […]

Southwest Style Eggrolls and Custom Puppets


This weekend was action packed and fun filled brought to me by the city of Baltimore. Well, sort of. There was a comic book convention I went to for work and I got to walk around looking at spiffy artwork and people who really shouldn’t have put themselves in that much spandex. If you need to buy it by the bolt, you probably shouldn’t be in it.   It is fun though to walk around and see everything. Lots of ‘names’ in the business were there mixing it up with some up-and-coming artists. I bought a couple of prints with […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Christmas in July?


Apparently summer is half over and that means stores are filling their shelves with Autumn decorations, school supplies and early Christmas bargains…. Really? Because my calendar says Summer doesn’t end until late September and the heat isn’t going to break until October 31st and which point – yes – it will be winter.   I get that the kids go back to school soon and maybe that is the unofficial end to summer, but Christmas deals? WTF? I read a report yesterday that major stores like Target and Best Buy will be advertising Christmas in July to help “loosen some […]

Weekend Rodeo Round-up and Ina Garten’s Cheese Danish


I wore a white shirt today. I should have known better…   To sum up my weekend – I didn’t fall off a horse, the BF”s dog LOVES fireworks, and there was no blood shed or tears. Skim down to the recipe if you don’t feel like reading the elongated version of the note posted above.   This weekend my family went horseback riding. It was actually a lot of fun and the first family activity that wasn’t a BBQ that I can remember. I had only been on a horse once before as a small child at day camp […]

Buttermilk Breakfast Cake


I have been super busy the past few days trying to get some aprons out and finish up a new site – not to mention trying to figure out twitter for my store, facebooking for this site and all the other crap that comes along with social media. I enjoy being busy. Actually, I really don’t know what to do when I have nothing to do. I get stir crazy really really quickly. There’s always a project to start or something new to try in the kitchen. It’s the whole ‘birds are singing, suns shining, we’re burning daylight’ attitude.