Maple French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes


Want to streamline your baking, speed up your cooking and spend less time in the kitchen? Check your salt situation before you start baking…. Oh and check your eggs too. Because when you look at a recipe and think there is no way that there is 30 minutes of prep work, know that the author somehow knew that you were going to have to stop a quarter of the way through to run out for salt… Then again half way through when you realize you only have two eggs left in the fridge. In other words, use some common sense […]

Lightened Up: Three-Cheese Macaroni


As a food blogger, I feel obligated to present my readers with a Thanksgiving assortment of classic recipes, modern twist, in delectable desserts. Problem is, I don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner (and to be 100% honest, I’m not down with pumpkin pie). That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a hearty scoop of mashed potatoes lathered in gravy right next to a mountain of stuffing all surrounding a perfectly prepared slice of  turkey though. So, I’m going to do my best to present a few recipes before the big day that you may want to add to the assortment. In late summer […]

Summer Grilling: Smoky Cola Jerky


Enchiladas, bacon in brownies and now ‘jerky’ – yeah, my inner carnivore was at its finest when planning the posts this week. I promise I’ll make it up to all of those sweet tooth people tomorrow with something just as ridiculous. Now! On to the meat. This weeks Summer Grilling item was actually supposed to be saved for next week, which I am calling #manfoodweek as we prepare for Father’s day, but that would have been a lie because I was making this one for a woman. My step mom loves Wild Bills beef jerky and the moment I saw […]

Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli


I’ve caught a mean case of Spring Fever. It’s normally cold through March in my neck of the woods, with warmth breaking through here and there. Well, Mother Nature herself went and teased us with a 60 something degree last week and ever since I have been craving my flip flops like crazy. As much as I want the warmth, I am also now rushing to get in all of the winter recipes I haven’t made yet. I may want to be grilling burgers outside from now until forever but there are so many comforting soups, stews and other hearty […]

Can’t go wrong with meat and potatoes.


Some nights you just know you can cook. Tonight was one of those nights. Dinner was simple, easy, healthy and delicious. When I could smell it almost all coming together it didn’t matter if it would sound interesting to anyone else, take a good pic for the blog, or get me more followers. All that mattered is that I knew it would taste good, and it did. Tonight’s meal came fresh from the pages of the July/August issue of Food Network Magazine. I started getting Food Network Magazine when it first started getting published last year. It has surprisingly grown […]

Maybe its not me, its you….

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

You know the saying – “full me once shame on you, full me twice, shame on me.” Well, full me a third time – it’s my damned fault – I should have learned my lesson. What was I thinking? In the past week I have prepared 3 recipes from the Neely’s on and for all 3 my taste buds have been left saddened by the lack of flavor, zest or zing. I am not a fan of the Neely’s on TV because it’s just too much mushy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for anyone who […]

I Will Never Be The Next Food Network Star.


We’ve all danced around our kitchens fantasizing about being the next food network diva (I mean some of them are so boring a log could be more entertaining). Personally, I’m convinced they are missing a market. Sunny is close, as she cooks for herself and friends often entertaining. Brian Boitano would be close too if he were a little younger, as he caters to crowds. The scene food network is missing is the girls who are still in college, not married, don’t have kids, are on the highway to the career of their dreams that want to be the hostest […]

Vying for My Attention


The trains of progression and motivation are moving faster in my head then in the real world. There’s a billion brilliant ideas, but I can only hold two light bulbs at once, and that just isn’t enough. Right now schools still at a stand still even though I am old enough to fill out the papers, the school year that they will matter for wont start until July and unless I want to pay $1500  a class out of pocket – I just have to be patient. Whats another 6 months? Doesn’t stop them from calling three times a day. […]