Smoked Brisket for my female grill masters

I just watched a promo video for a local BBQ cook off and the one thing I noticed (other then the meat) is that the only people tending to the smokers and grills were big, sleeveless, baseball cap wearing men. Um… Did the ladies miss the memo on this one? I know I sure did. I didn’t even know there was a BBQ cook off going on until the day of, but I am not a competitive grill master. I do like to get my eat on though.

But, I can’t be the only woman who is the master of the flame in her household. (For proof of this check out the last chicken I posted on Facebook. I’m not pointing fingers but I was not in charge of the chicken at that point). I often like to pretend I’m going round for round with the top chefs from across the country when that first blast of smoke rises up and coats my clothes and my taste buds start their happy dance.

As the day wears on and I know that masterpiece is slowly working its magic, I can’t help but snicker and remind myself that I am the grill master, at least in this house.


 Told you all there would be a use for all that BBQ sauce the other day ;)



  1. The outside looks absolutely perfect, the inside looks mouthwatering too! I love brisket!!

  2. I have to confess that I rarely use our smoker/grill. Why is that? Hmmm! I love this recipe! I think we will swap roles and the hubby will prepare it in the kitchen and I will grill on the patio. Sounds like a plan. Great post.

  3. There are definitely some ladies out there tending the smoker and the grill that can put any man to shame. I’ve seen a few in action.

    But not me of course. (Just kidding)

    Awesome looking brisket!

  4. The meat is cooked to impeccable perfection. And I can only speculate what wonderful things happen with a sip from that Dogfish Head brew you’ve got to accompany it! Very well conceived!

  5. I love me some brisket!! ;) Looks so delicious Kita!

  6. Hot stuff. I was just thinking…those BBQ sauces would be perfect with this puppy. Your flame is most definitely on. Buzzed :)

  7. One word for this one..”Mouthwatering” Looks soo soo good!!

  8. Kita, you’re not alone in being the bbq person in your house. My husband, bless his uncooking heart, always burns stuff lol.

    I have a new smoker I have been waiting to break in… this sounds like it may be the recipe I use :-D

  9. That looks so delicious! Love beef brisket but never venture to cook it on the barbie. That’s one thing I must do one of these days.

  10. looks amazing Kita! I know not many chick out competitive cooking especially on the grilling turf. I’m sure your brisket would win you a couple of hearts and even a ribbon. Beautiful photo you look like you set up a BBQ joint with that basket. Adorable. Keep Grillin

    take care!

  11. Yum! Meat! I am so the grill master in this house – hubby is too nervous he will feed us raw food!

  12. Hubby is the grill master here…unless I need pretty grill marks for my blog…he just doesn’t get that. Your brisket sounds amazing…I’ve only just started using this cut of meat, but only to slow cook in the winter. I’d love to try it on the grill…so thanks for the inspiration, Kita!

  13. Delish! In our family….I’M THE GRILL MASTER! I can’t help myself….and hubby likes the results, so it’s a win/win!

  14. After seeing this I want to move to suburbia just so I can have a grill and smoker…

  15. Nice job! I’m BBQ obsessed this summer and it looks like you really nailed it with this brisket. What kind of smoker do you have? I would love to get one, but I live in the city and barely have room for my Weber.

  16. That is some serious meat and great pictures. You are the Master!

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