Slow Cooker Beef and Noodle Soup with Artichoke Cheesy Bread

As I type this the hype of Sandy has almost peeked in my area and people are tucking themselves in to their homes to see what this beast has in store for us. At this point I have been warned about high winds, possible snow, and severe power outages. I hope you are reading this in a warm cozy house with power and that Sandy has left you unharmed.

Our strategy included digging out the Pop-Tarts from last years hurricane Irene and pulling the umbrella and chairs off of the porch. I probably should have stocked up on toilet paper and ice just in case but as of right now, Pop-tarts and pretzels are our entire hurricane survival plan.

I also may have packed our crock-pot full of deliciousness in an attempt to use up food in the freezer (in case of a serious outage). This soup is the perfect kind of bad weather meal.

Wishing everyone luck!



  1. That is a deep and hearty broth!! We have power, but can’t say for sure those up north!

  2. I knew as soon as I spotted this post in my reader that you were making Killer Artichoke Bread. :) I love that stuff! I bet it’s just fantastic with a big bowl of that gorgeous beefy soup. Definitely the perfect pair for a rainy day.
    Sending lots of dry thoughts your way! We’re bracing for the edge of Sandy to pass over either today or tomorrow, but it sounds like it won’t be nearly as bad as they’d first thought… just lots of rain and wind. :P

  3. Wow! This looks great! And your pictures are so autumn, they’re gorgeous.

  4. Be safe out there! And it’s so awesome that you stocked up on this! I’ll have to make this for Jason – he’ll be thrilled!

  5. That bread looks ridiculous. Yuuuum. Hope you guys don’t lose power! :)

  6. Stay safe, Kita, thinking about you! And now I can’t stop thinking about this soup. It looks beyond incredible!

  7. Keeping fingers crossed and saying prayers that you guys will remain untouched by this thing. Though the inspiration that it gave you….I think you should pretend that there’s going to be a power outage every week and clean out your freezer!

  8. Stay safe! I would Fed-Ex you some sunshine if I could.


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