Ranch Burgers

The weather seems to have finally broken from unforgiving levels of humidity and turned cool to match my over excited Fall mood. This weekend happened to be one of the best we have had in a long time and we wanted to make the most of it. I’ve got some wicked new mountain biking bruises to prove it. ;) With the turn towards hoodies and boots, this may be the last burger I post for the season – and that’s ok, because it’s going to be hard to top perfection.

Ha! Ok, it’s good – but there are far too many awesome burgers in the world for this one to prance around with a crown on calling itself the best. Buuut. As far as a simple and classic burger goes, this won’t leave you disappointed.

Now, before the weather turns terribly cold and nasty – fire up those coals one more time and enjoy a bite of this with me.



(Who am I kidding? I am going to be firing up the coals long into the bitter cold!).




  1. We’ve been in the 70’s here in MI and I love it! Although I still love fall, this unexpected warmer weather is nice too! Ps… I love a good burger! ;)

  2. You’ve just made me hug my grill and praise the heavens for my perpetual summer. BUZZED this burger, baby!

  3. Ranch seasoning has come a long way from just being for dressing. It does enhance the flavoring of a lot of food. Your burgers really look good, I will need to try. It is only cool out, so grilling outside is still a pleasant task. Kudos to you braving the cold to grill.

  4. My family would gobble this up in a BIG way!

  5. You always come up with the delicious way to devour burgers :) This one is up on my priority list :)

  6. This looks so good! I want to take a big bite out of my computer screen right now.

  7. That looks wonderful.

  8. I don’t like ranch (weird, I know) but I do like the dry seasoning mix, especially in burgers. This sounds great Kita! Your photos are fabulous too!

  9. twinky (@TheTwinkyCake) says:

    oh wonderful!!!!


  10. oo what a great burger. I was delighted to see that you used the dry mix in the burger instead of using it as a dressing. I think that makes for a better burger.

  11. QUIT! I’m so tired of grilling but I think I’m going to have to make this one before it gets too cold. Gah.

  12. Talk about the BEST end of the summer burger! This looks fabulous! And stacked so high. I think I need a bigger mouth

  13. Mmm Kita this looks soooo delicious, makes me miss summer! Your pictures are fab! :)

  14. Great idea!

  15. I love a great burger recipe, and there’s definitely now way to pick just one as my favorite. I want to try these!

  16. These look amazing Kita!!

  17. I love a good burger and this looks like one good burger! I always love to try new ways to make burgers so I think I am going to give this ranch burger a go next!

  18. This burger really does look like the perfect balance of yummy burger-y ingredients. Not to mention the whole “Ranch” thing–which is just too delicious for words. :D Gorgeous photos, too!

  19. holy cow that’s a lot of meat. I love it! Grilling in the winter its easier out here but I’m so glad your gonna keep it up. Love me some grilled concoctions :)

  20. looks amazing… you just made me really really hungry !

  21. Sounds absolutely delicious! I’m glad you’re enjoying the mountain biking! I have no worries cold weather or not – I grill all year round. When I lived in Maryland, I even grilled in the snow!

  22. I’ve never turned down a burger with bacon on it! Looks yummy!

  23. Cold doesn’t stop me either! The heavy rain might, but I think I’ll have to pull the BBQ around to the front of my garage and just BBQ out the front of it! Haha! Indoor BBQ. This burger is making my mouth water. I’ve been on a veggie rampage lately but I’ll always have room in my heart for a thick, juicy burger!

  24. Haven’t had a good burger for a while and your photo make my mouth water…and can’t stop. So delicious!!!!

  25. That burger is the size of my head!! LOVE IT!!

  26. Fabulous burgers! We’ll grill all though the winter, too, but hubby refuses to buy a gas grill…it has to be charcoal~

    • Thank goodness! Handsome doesn’t understand my love of charcoal – nor does he appreciate the flavor…. It makes me so sad. At least your hubby is doing it right!

  27. Really? These photographs are perfection. I just ate dinner but realized that I’m still hungry… for a Ranch Burger. Amazing post!

  28. Everyone loves a good burger and the addition of ranch seasoning is a sure fire winner. Love your photos :)

  29. I love burgers year round do I can easily see using thie recipe all year.

  30. Jaimee rivers says:

    My husband tried this recipe today! It was awesome!!

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