Quick Dinner Fixins: Falafel-Crusted Chicken with Hummus Slaw

A few years before the birth of this blog, I was struck with the knowledge that there was a lot of food out there I had never tasted. New flavors, textures and cuisines all together I had never even given notice to. The rest is history. Now, wrought with heavy debate, I can not choose my favorite type of food, my favorite meal, dessert or more. And every day I discover more.

Image from http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Aladdin

Once you are open and willing to try new things there is so much more out there then you could have ever imagined. One of the moments that shocked my taste buds was my first bite into a falafel… It was everything my umami loving self wanted – and it was perfectly vegetarian. The closest moment I have ever had to being a vegetarian. It was the most delicious little bite I had ever experienced.
Falafel isn’t something I get to make to often in this mac and cheese white bread household, but when I can sneak in the flavors on something like chicken fingers – I jump all over the chance! I saw this, ripped it out of the magazine and made it. No eyebrows raised at the table, no questions asked… Secret mission falafel chicken won.

So get the kids involved in these exotic flavors by pairing these falafel-crusted chicken fingers with Disney’s Aladdin, and whether you have a prince, princess, or both, they will all enjoy! (seriously, the Genie still cracks me up)



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    We love Mediterranean and middle eastern flavors and falafel and hummus are favorites. It never occurred to me to coat chicken with falafel mix, though, or to mix slaw with hummus. Hmm…this needs exploring. I do strongly recommend mixing the slaw with tahini sauce.

  2. says

    I was so food-sheltered until I moved to the Culinary capitol of Wisconsin – Madison! :) I’m so happy to see Alladin offering us some delicious dinner options, I love falafel and its the only thing I will order at the Greek restaurant!

  3. says

    awesome. Beautiful photos. I love these types of flavors and I’m lucky enough to have a good handful of eateries that make pretty amazing falafel and other Arabic flavors that i so dearly love. Very nice sneak attack I love it .

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