Post Holiday Eggnog Pancakes

It’s hard to find a balance between what to post on Pass the Sushi and what not to. I don’t photograph everything I eat (trust me, you would be appalled) but I do try to photograph the good ones. There are a few that have never even made it to a ‘photo shoot’ because I simply can’t be bothered with making them look pretty before devouring them. I am trying to strike a harmony between my tummy and my food blogging self that maybe will someday share with you some of my favorite fall back meals.

As for December, there just wasn’t enough days. I wanted to post more and finally burnt myself out. My guests at Christmas dinner were shocked to find no dessert. That’s right. Nothing. I simply couldn’t pull it off. I know next year to post my Thanksgiving recipes in October and my holiday recipes from then on if I want to sneak in everything that I have for you guys without having to post two or three times a day. I’m sure that would burn even you out!

So, these post Christmas Eggnog pancakes will just have to do, better late than never. Sure, I could have tucked them into a folder for next year but, let’s be real, I have the memory of a goldfish and they would have been long forgotten. I hope you all have better organizational skills so that you can whip these up for next Christmas, or maybe just splurge of New Years day. Resolutions don’t start til the 2nd right? 😉

Speaking of resolutions, got any?

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    Eggnog is a nice winter treat – not just Christmas. These would be perfect for New Years (all day!) :) BTW I’m so with you on the need to post recipes earlier. I always say I will but I don’t. There’s always next year.

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    Kita I had the same problem. We had no dessert on Christmas. And some of the dinner was lackluster as I was so tired and worn out. These pancakes look amazing. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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    I for one am just thrilled to see these posted because, well, that half a container of egg nog in the fridge will now be put to use! Just in the nick of time too because tomorrow is recycle day and I surely would’ve put the container in.

    Seriously – these look sensational and I might just have these for breakfast tomorrow. :)

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    Story of my life! Instead I ended up cooking more for gatherings and for parties and for people I love, and not for my blog. I’m ok with it though! These are gorgeous and sound so seriously delicious! Every winter my friends and I travel to a cabin for a weekend getaway… these might have to make an appearance if I am assigned a breakfast cooking slot! YUM!


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