Pimento Cheese Sliders

Christmas came and went and now its time to ring in the new year with snazzy parties and fancy cocktails. I have been invited to a few of such events, but as I am mass amounts of excitement in the real world, I will probably just sit at home enjoying the evening with my own private stash of bubbly. After how much fun I had making Christmas dinner though, the idea of throwing a last minute hurrah at my house had been pinging around in my head. (Says the girl that had no dessert to offer.)

New Year’s Eve appetizer’s seem to be on everyone’s mind when I asked on Twitter what today’s post should feature – so here are some uber tasty little treats if you are having yourself a shindig this Saturday night.

Congrats to Jenny @ Savour the Senses! She won my holiday swag giveaway!

 What are you doing this New Year’s Eve?


  1. I am now hooked on pimento cheese! I had a pimento burger in Charlotte and I loved it. These sliders look so good!

    PS- I agree with you about RR mag pages… need the date!

  2. Yum on these sliders! I won’t be home until tomorrow, but we have a New Year’s Eve party right when we get back. These may just have to be on the menu. Personally, I think Rachael’s magazine needs a lot of things (like a lot less ads). :)

  3. These are AWESOME! Look so mysterious and festive and perfect for ringing in the new year.

  4. These are SO cute. I love sliders. :) And I’m so happy you used dill pickles. Half sours ruin burgers.

  5. Can I just tell you how much I am drooling over this recipe!! Totally want to make these!!

  6. These are the cutest little sliders. So unique too. Sounds delicious!

  7. Gorgeous little sliders. They look irresistible! With plans to travel to Canada the first week in January, we might just sit at home, ignore the parties, and drink lots of champagne. Enjoy!

  8. beautifully arranged burgers. I love the pickles on the top so cute! I hope you had an awesome Christmas Kita! cheers-Kimberly

  9. Oh, yeah…these will be a crowd pleaser!!! Fabulous sliders, Kita!

  10. Wow, these looks delicious! Love the spicy cheese :)

  11. Jersey Girl Cooks says:

    I love appetizers. These little burgers are perfect for new years eve. Happy new year!

  12. Your pictures are gorgeous as always. Totally making me drool over here! These sliders look amazing and sounds sooo delicious. This will be on my must cook list!

  13. Yeah, I just ate lunch, but browsing through my Foodbuzz inbox, I find these. And now I’m totally hungry again. Thanks, Kita =)

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