Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies

I tore out an article in my Rachael Ray September 2011 magazine about sneaky short cuts and pantry staples real chefs aren’t afraid to use in their own kitchen to share with you guys. (Then I lost it and knowing that I wanted to use it as a segue into this post – spent an hour digging it out again).

The article features Tim Love using Funyuns on fish, pop rocks on foie gras (Grham Elliot), and a confession of love for moth Miracle Whip (Micheal Symon) and Velveeta (Ron Eyester). Now, we can over enunciate fancy Italian cheeses, pretty up casseroles to no longer use scary canned cream of’s, and pretend that we would never use America singles to snaz up a dish in public – but in private – I bet we all have a guilty pleasure or snack food secret we wouldn’t tell a soul.

Personally, it’s against the rules to not serve Handsome his famous mac and cheese at least once a week in this house – drenched in nothing but melted Velveeta.

Now, as for sneaking a little snack food into this post – check out these pretzel cookies for a salty sweet snack you wont be able to ignore

This is week 3 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies! Please check out all of the other wonderful bloggers participating and thank Brenda at Meal Planning Magic for hosting such a great event!

Now after that hour of rummaging through magazine clippings, am I late for work? Does the Geico little piggie commercial make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it?


  1. Oh I think I have died and gone to HEAVEN! I would probably eat every one of these! I’m loving your picks so far – I always get excited to come by and see what’s next!

  2. Whoa! what a sweet and salty treat-6 cups of pretzels in this recipe! I have had cookies with just the pretzels on top-not actually in the batter. Definitely a must try

  3. Convenience is key in real life – NO shame!! Awesome cookies!

  4. I love these cookies! Dipping pretzel sticks into peanut butter is one of my most favorite snacks. Total guilty pleasure. It is good for you right?! hehe

    So these cookies would be right up my alley! Loving them. And all those pretzels! Holy moly

  5. Glad to know that it’s not completely wrong to use prepared things sometimes according to the higher ups :-).

  6. I love love love the sweet & salty combo so pretzels AND salted peanuts in the same cookie is like heaven for me. You should make me some. :P

  7. Ooooh, pretzels in a cookie; with peanut butter. I love it. I’ll just have to pry the pretzel bag out of Hubby’s hands. Thanks for finding that article too. It always cracks me up to find the secrets that these Chefs have.

  8. Are you kidding me, I would use pretzels unabashedly in any recipe! Delcious!

  9. I love pretzels and would eat a million of these cookies. The boys “hate” pretzels which I find strange, but I guess that would mean more cookies for me. :)

    • Hate pretzels? Oh thats just silly of them. They are my default snack. The fat little ones in tomato basil hummus taste just like a combo – tell the boys that and I bet their opinions would change super quick!

  10. Yum!! These look delicious! I’ll take pretzels any which way but most definitely in a cookie!

  11. PB and pretzels is a great combo! These cookies look so yummy!!

  12. I love salty/sweet combos. These sounds good!

  13. These look great! I made peanut butter pretzel chocolate chunk cookies a couple weeks ago and I think they may have been the best cookies I’ve ever had! Pretzels add such a good flavor to cookies!

  14. Awesome combination, I love the textures in these!

  15. I love these cookies. I love the pretzel flavor and texture in there

  16. YUM! Yes, we all have our dirty little secrets. If it tastes good, though, why not? ;)

  17. These look amazingly delicious! I love peanut butter and adding pretzels, that sounds fantastic! :)

  18. Wow! These look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I call these Cowboy cookies. They are so good!

  20. Now THESE look delicious! I love chocolate covered pretzels and even those pretzel M&Ms. These are a perfect combo of those wrapped up in a cookie…delish!

  21. Pretzels go so well in cookies. Especially with peanut butter!

  22. What a unique cookie. I would love the sweet and salty combo. A snack and cookie rolled up in one. They look wonderful.

  23. Belinda @zomppa says:

    Wow, I am pretty sure I could not resist.

  24. These have all sorts of yummies that I absolutely adore. They must be seriously yum!

  25. Honestly -that’s my kind of cookie! I love the sweet, salty, crunchy elements. Delicious and buzzed!

  26. Oh man, these look downright tasty! It’s been awhile since I’ve made cookies…I think the time may have come. Love the guilty-pleasure ingredient bit too (it’s so true!)…though to be honest, I don’t think I’d ever want Velveeta in *anything*. O.o

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. I have made choco chip cookies with pretzels, but I bet these are to die for.

  28. As someone who often dips her pretzels directly into the PB jar, I love these cookies! Great salty/sweet snack.

  29. Oh come on! You are just getting too creative. LOL. this is fantastic. Now I’m imaging them with chocolate covered pretzels…nom…nom..

  30. I have so been through that…. digging through piles trying to find an article I’d saved. That’s the most frustrating feeling! I love the article’s crazy ingredient mentions. Pop Rocks? That’s just awesome. So is Handsome – mac n cheese is my weakness. It should be a weekly requirement for all of us.
    I love the pretzel idea though. Very cute. I love the idea of crunchy pretzels crammed into cookies ;)

  31. YOU SAID PEANUT BUTTER! YAY! Oh I love peanut butter so much I wanna marry it! Well, not really but you get my drift. :) These cookies look like they’re waiting for me to snatch them right up! Oh, I’m sure I’ll end up making these. Cookies and I rendezvous on a regular basis.

    I hope you have a great next couple of days, since this might be “nacho” Friday. :)

  32. These look fabulous, Kita! It’s never too early to start trying out potential Christmas cookie recipes. This sweet/salty combo has got to be amazing!

  33. You totally had me at salty/sweet, LOVE IT!

  34. Peanut Butter + Pretzels = Yum-Yum!!

  35. I love the combination of peanut butter and pretzels, but put them in cookies and I am in love!

  36. Nice, who the heck dosen’t like sweet and salty? Pshht.. I love it and never want to be far from it ever. Strange Sunday ramble completed..
    Take care and have a great day at work,

  37. what a great idea for cookies! I love everything about this!


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