I’ll deep fry anything, Lasagna Fritta.

Have I mentioned I got a deep fryer? That’s right, get your fat kid friendly recipe book ready because I’m frying anything I can get my hands on. Anything and everything.

Now, my kitchen is filled with tons of things that I can’t imagine life before – but seriously – a deep fryer, how did I live without this? Did you know you could deep fry _____ or ___ _____? Oh yeah, it’s coming. I promise. In all it’s glory. It’s coming.

What better to consummate this glorious new relationship then deep frying some of the most wonderful comfort food there already is. Lasagna.

My friends and I occasionally visit everyone’s favorite Italian bistro, Olive Garden and I always say I’m getting the soup and salad. Really? Have you not seen this blog? Do I look like a soup and salad kind of girl to you? And every time I end up elbow deep in a sauce covered calorie laden indulgence. Regret, regret, delicious, glorious regret.

Lasagna Fritta

Adapted from Tastebook
For the Lasagna:

  • ⅔ cup milk
  • 1 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 6 oz ricotta
  • ¼ tsp white pepper
  • 1 tbs butter
  • 7 lasagna noodles
  • marinara sauce
  • alfredo sauce

For the Breading:

  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups Italian Bread

Boil and stir together butter, white pepper, milk, parmesan, and feta cheese.
Boil Lasagna noodles as directed.
When the noodles are finished, spread a thin layer of cheese & milk mix along noodle and fold into 2 inch pieces. Let set in the freezer for 1 hour, placing something heavy on top to keep it together.
When you take them out of the freezer, cut the pieces in half long-ways. Dip each piece in the milk/egg mixture, then the bread crumbs. Fry at 350° for 4 minutes
Spread alfredo on the bottom of the serving plate, placing each piece in the sauce. Drizzle marinara sauce on top.

I added a handful of Italian seasoning to the ricotta mixture. I also browned some fresh ground sirloin and added it as a layer inside the roll ups as well to my marinara sauce. The original post calls for feta instead of ricotta but I don’t really think feta would give the flavor I was going for so I substituted the ricotta.

Hello gorgeous, come to me.

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  1. Wow – that deep fryer must lead to some amazing experiments! And I love that you’ve made something that sounds so unlikely look so appealing. Much more than my sole encounter with a fried lasagne… http://penguinsandparentheses.blogspot.com/2010/04/fried-lasagne.html

  2. Looks very good Kita, deep fryer would be dangerous at my house. I bet you are having fun with it can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  3. Genius!

  4. ooo yum this looks soo good.
    I could have a whole list of things you could fry…. ravioli is top of the list!

  5. I am speechless. My decadent side says yes, yes, yes, but my healthy side says no, no, no. I think I am going with decadent this time. This looks delicious!

  6. Deep-fried pickles. Oh please make deep-fried pickles! Trust me, nothing beats them, especially served with an aioli dip on the side. Oooh! And Mars Bars!

    Just whatever you do, do not deep-fry chocolate cake.

    I can’t wait to see what you bust out! Good luck!

  7. Can I please come over for dinner?

  8. Holy crap. This. Is. Awesome.

  9. RavieNomNoms says:

    Oh my word! I can only imagine how great that is! The fat kid in me is screaming for a piece!!! haha

  10. Way to go…what’s wrong with a little indulgence, fried or otherwise? You’ve rocked it Kita!

  11. Wow, that looks terrible and wonderful at the same time. Applause for creative deep-frying work! *claps*

  12. That looks pretty damn good!!


  14. I have to say…I would love to try this! Looks delicious!

  15. Deep fried lasagna! OMG, way to get creative with the deep fryer :)

  16. I am SO jealous of your deep fryer. My thighs aren’t, but I am. In answer to your question about the beer, I don’t know. the carbonation works to tenderize the beef so you’d want to go with a soda of some kind if not beer. Coke? Ginger ale? They’d make for a sweeter gravy though. Would you be able to handle one of those very tasteless light beers? That would have the same result without the heavier taste.

  17. Absolutely speechless right now. I want this right now.

  18. these photos are glorious. i’ve made something like this before it is excellent on the fatty side of eating. Yum

  19. Ok… Now you’ve really gone and done it. I must have that now… and a deep-fryer too!

  20. oh , now your talking my language all that and deep fried too!! You sure know the way to a southern boys heart!

  21. I love that this is posted in “Fat kid friendly” totally makes me laugh! And yeah, This is brilliant and I want to eat all of those.

  22. Oh geez, a deep fryer? That just spells trouble for my waistline right there… probably a good idea I don’t get one of those. Especially after looking at the lasagna.

  23. Now THAT’s what i’m talking about! You can’t go wrong deep frying anything!!!

    That looks so awesome. I want to go through a deep frying phase!

  24. I need this deep fried lasagna in my life, right now. It looks amazing!! :)

  25. Just the other day, I was thinking that I needed a fryer. Then, I thought, really, a fryer? Now, I realize I was right. I need this appliance! And, I want to try fried lasanga.

  26. You fried lasagna – that’s brilliant!! I hid my deep fryer a while ago because that thing is so tempting…and so delicious! Everything that you make in it comes out ten times better! :)

  27. Noooo, not Olive Garden! I bet your fried lasagne taste much better than the food from there. What a yummy idea!

  28. thanks Kita for linking this one up, I love it can you bring your new fryer over?

  29. lol, i’d also deep fry anything, this looks amazing! any grease draining tips?

  30. Wow, this is such a brilliant idea!! I’ve never thought to deep fry our lasagna…

  31. Oh my! These look sinfully good!! :)

  32. You never cease to amaze! Holy smokes, this looks incredible!! I can’t wait to see what other things you have up your sleeve. A deep-fryer would be a very dangerous purchase for me haha!


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