Farm Country Grilled Pizza

Brace yourselves. It’s the last week of grill themed action packed calorie loaded fat kid Mondays here at Pass the Sushi. I know, I cried a little myself. But don’t worry, there’s a weekly online counseling program and an all new theme for Monday taking over that is just as good. Let’s be realistic, nothing is as good as a flame kissed perfectly seasoned burger, but it’s just about as good.

Summer Grilling Round Up:

  1. Personal Grilled Taco Pizzas 
  2. Grilled Miso-Ginger Salmon
  3. Tex-Mex Bacon Burgers
  4. Braggin’ Rights Smoked Brisket
  5. Barbecue Chicken Salad
  6. Whiskey Burgers
  7. Texas Shredded Beef
  8. Ultimate Steakhouse Burgers
  9. Smoked Pulled Pork 
  10. Grilled Tuna Steaks 
  11. Cheese-Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Brats
  12. Barbecue Ribs
  13. Chicken with Wild Rice
  14. Turkey Sliders with Avocado-Ranch Dressing
  15. Tilapia with Avocado Black Bean Relish 

My grill isn’t shut down forever, and I still have several recipes to share with you, it’s just the last Flame On Monday for a while.



  1. Oh yes please. I’ll take 2 please. One for now and one for later?

  2. I will definitely need to grief counseling. This has been an awesome series. I’ll miss it, but I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. regarding the pizza; I was hooked at alfredo sauce. :)

  3. I loved grilled pizza! My first experience with it was less than desirable, but I did well after that!

  4. Nooooo! I’m so sad! The pizzas look really good though! Sausage and alfredo… mmm, I can’t see how this could be bad!

  5. That’s quite a pizza! Looks delicious, Kita :)

  6. Alfredo on a grilled pizza? You are pure genus! And I’m so sad about the end of the series!

  7. I feel like I’ve hit the mother lode of grilling recipes! Any number of these would be perfect for this month’s Shine Supper Club. I hope you’ll join us.

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