Eggnog Frangelico Gelato & Hand Made Ice Cream Scoop Giveaway


You know that old saying that nice things come in small packages? Well that’s what comes to mind with today’s post. Even though the end of the year has been kind to me with the current BigKitchen Le Creuset giveaway going on (and another surprise giveaway next week) today’s giveaway is very special to me. It may not come in a bright orange box, and Santa can’t sneak it down the chimney, because this one is hand made just for you by my man.

If you are a long time follower of Pass the Sushi, or one of the many friends in real life that Handsome has helped out, you will know that he is the type of craftsman everyone wishes they knew. A top notch general contractor who can fix pretty much any problem or build you the custom house of your dreams. He works with large businesses and with individuals on all sorts of projects.  Before meeting him, I thought plumbers were pipes, electricians were for wires and so on and so forth. I simply didn’t know that some people really can do it all. (Sometime’s it’s painful to admit he really is this good).  I have spent many cold late nights alone while he is out in bad weather repairing someones roof from recent storms, seen amazing tile work in elaborate bathrooms, and watched him build custom kitchens from bare studs in less than a week for clients. He has even driven an hour just to help show someone how to use their new windows (that he didn’t even install).

He makes me wish there were more contractor stories like him and not those horror stories you always here.

In his free time he has taken to woodworking. I have received several gorgeous jewelry boxes, cutting boards, salad tongs and wooden utensils as gifts and now we are passing one along to my readers.





Hand Made Ice Cream Scoop

To enter to win your own custom ice cream scoop, head over and like Stoney Creek Contractor on Facebook. No likey, no ticket. 

Earn Extra Points by doing the following and leaving me a comment saying you have:

Entrees accepted through midnight Sunday December 28th 2012. Winner will be announced on January 2nd’s post. Winner must live in the United States.
ice cream scoop_0136

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  1. April says

    I need to take food photography lessons from you or something… these are gorgeous! And I’m not just saying that, promise :) Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. says

    I am drooling over this eggnog and hazelnut liquor ice cream, Kita. So sophisticated! I always thought ice cream should not be seasonal and you made sure with the eggnog it is also a delightful winter dessert. Wishing you and your dear ones a Happy New Year.

  3. says

    O man, I want to eat a huge bowl of this ice cream right now! It’d pair well with the eggnog cupcakes I just whipped up! This ice cream scoop is gorgeous – just liked Stoney Creek Contractor on FB!

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