Cranberry M&M Blondies

It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can inspire a whole lot of change. I have been living in the same house for almost four years and yet it has never been a home. The word home is weird to me. As I don’t pay for the roof over my head, I don’t treat it with the same sense of creativity. Slowly but surely my style is creeping out and I am settling in to this place, making it more then just walls, and learning to like it.

The other night we added some decals to our bedroom walls. I know, it’s like we’re five, but seriously, check out the things you can find on Etsy these days. The blue and grey birds pop on our dark grey walls and we even went ahead an hung some curtains. Improvements people! Last night we added a bit of classy Ikea  furniture to the collection and I can’t help but think its starting to look like more of a personal space then just the room we sleep in.

Next I take on the spare room. Paint, office furniture and more. I’ve only been here four years, let’s see how long that project takes. 😉



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    M&M’s just make you smile, don’t they? They make such playful brownies. And they fit very well with Garfield! I think our bedroom looks totally like a hotel room. Isn’t that horrible? I don’t even know how to begin changing it because we have a balcony and so huge sliding glass doors. The previous owners left very expensive drapes hanging that also keep the room nice and dark at night. They’re not going anywhere any time soon, but they’re…well, hotel-type drapes. It’s hard to make the rest of the room look not-hotelly when the main-focus wall does.

    I need a blondie.

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    Love that you used the comic pages for the background. If I still got the Sunday paper I would have to steal that idea from you. As for decorating, I wish I could do something like those decals, but I have weird walls in my apt that are textured so I don’t think they would stick very well. And I plan to be moving far away from Memphis in a year. Even though I’ve lived in my apt for 3 years now I have yet to hang curtains. I do have some art and pictures on the walls though!

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    I love decals! For a while I was trying to convince the boyfriend we should get one of those full wall photographs of a hawaiian sunset. He thought I was crazy. Our wall is still boring and white.

    And hooray for blondies. I think they’re so much better than brownies! These look tasty and fun.

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    Hi! I just love how you paired these fabulous looking blondies with the comics! The color combination is too cute. Thank you for sharing this with me! I know what I need to have after dinner tonight!

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    Ah, new curtains, Ikea furniture… sounds like my neck of the woods! Congratulations on your new decor. Blondies make a place homey, too!


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