Holiday Shopping with Sesame Gifts

Have you seen those new fun boxes that are filled with awesome stuff delivered right to your home? They have one for everything, comics, clothes, crafts, pet toys, and I’m pretty sure even razors. Most of the time you subscribe and are unsure of exactly what you are going to get every month. Sometimes though, you have want to send something knowing exactly what’s inside – and that’s where Sesame Gifts come’s in. Sesame Gifts is a fun little app that you can download on your iPhone or Android device and shop for uniquely theme’d boxes filled with hand selected […]

Sipping on… Seagram’s Escapes

Tropical Breeze from

It has been a long hard week. One of those crazy work from early til late, get home and more work is still waiting to be done. Wash, rinse, repeat.   You know those days. And as much as I would love to think that this avid food blogger can whip up a meal and a cocktail every single night–even on those busy ones–it just doesn’t happen. Seagram’s Escapes came to the rescue a few nights this week. With fun refreshing drinks, it was a great option to have in the fridge without having to mix something up myself. I […]

The Great Cheese Steak Debate Tony Luke’s VS Jims


The boys are back after a long hiatus for some real deal cheese steak lovin. They are taking it home to Tony Luke’s and Jim’s this week to see who can bring the beef and wiz in these two landmark Philly steak shops. So get your appetite ready and let’s see who can be called the champ – for this round! **The following text is not Kita from Pass the Sushi, but rather Chris and Sean the two guys in charge of this weekly cheese steak debate.** Remember there are rules: When giving a choose at ordering we will stick with either “Wiz […]

Banana Chocolate Granola


Have you seen this little video yet? I’m Making Cook’s Illustrated Beef Stew! I saw it on facebook the other day and it left me in stitches. I am a huge fan of the Cook’s Illustrated publications, owning more of their supplemental magazines, recipe collections and every off shoot of the brand that I can find. I enjoy reading the tips, tricks, and methods leading in to why they prepare things the way they do, but say I will never cook my way through all of them would be an understatement (as you can see joked about in the video linked above). The quality […]

The Great Cheese Steak Debate 2011 Claymont Vs Pat’s


This are getting hectic this holiday season, but the cheese steak challenge continues with some local Delaware chains. Claymont Steak Shop and Pat’s are two locals hat I can remember throughout my entire childhood for quick weeknight meals when no one was willing to cook. When it comes down to it though, can either of these keep up with the big dogs or have their multiple locations spread them too thin? **The following text is not Kita from Pass the Sushi, but rather Chris and Sean the two guys in charge of this weekly cheese steak debate.** Remember there are […]

Bakery Fresh Bagels


Ever get a bug up your booty and want to wipe the slate clean? That’s where I am. I want to box everything up in the house, drag it into the front yard – clean top to bottom and only bring back the essentials. Blame it on the women who put my through my teens, but I can’t take a mess, clutter, or a single dish in the kitchen sink at night. Ha, don’t I sound like everything I made fun of during those rough years. The thinking behind it all was that you may never have much, but you […]

Daddys Girl


It’s plain and simple. I love my daddy. Pretty much the whole world knows it. My dad and I didn’t always get along. I was a “week to week” kid between my parents for a long time which caused its own level of conflicts. I also think my father pretty much didn’t have a clue what to do with me as a kid. He was dealt a deck and did the best he could with it. We had the rough teen years and actually didn’t speak for quite some time. It took the death of a friends father to make […]

Getting steamy in the kitchen…


Oh wait, we don’t have a steamer… Most kitchens have an oven and a stove top. The kitchen I am currently doing most of my food fiddling in doesn’t. Not that it doesn’t. There is a space being occupied by an oven, but it doesn’t bake. There’s a stove top on the top of the oven, but its rather fickle. You have to sweet talk it. But that’s ok, because its making cooking a challenge. I can cook and I would like to think I’m pretty decent at it. And now that I have someone who I would like to […]

Another year sneaks up on me

This week is my birthday week and, as usual I am preparing for my b-day party. This year I cut the invites by half and don’t have the budget that I would normally have, so its burgers and hot dogs. Nothing too exciting, but hopefully things work out. Some friends are bringing food too to help defer the cost. So why does Pass the Sushi always go neglected? Pass the Sushi is the first domain I owned – my little beta testing space. This means that it also often is the last for updates. I have been cooking though! I […]

4th of July Throwdown

There’s something cute and charming about sitting around watching fireworks and relaxing. Unfortunately, that is not on my agenda for this year… The parents are hosting a shindig in the backyard for the 4th of July. Because, pre-made beef burgers and hot dogs are not even an option with my family at these kinds of things, food is taking over the house. Large get togethers  have always been something my parents love and stress over at the same time. We are expecting about 26 people here on Saturday from 2 on. We will have the pool open and it will […]

Under Construction

Pass the Sushi is under construction. This is a temporary look until I figure out exactly what I want to do with the look. I am debating whether to stick with the original look and just clean up the code a lot or turn the whole thing around. I’m a girl, its my prerogative to change the paint colors. Some future projects include: Waffles!!! Mint Chocolate Tart Banana Cupcakes As always, Chicken Stir Frys Pizza Dough And much much more has been bookmarked, tabbed and highlighted. I just need to get it and my booty in gear.

Blogs Gone Wild.

I have not given Pass the Sushi the attention it needs and deserves. Poor lil blog. I have been working as lame as it seems, at my store a lot more, and devoting a lot of my internet time into creating sites for other people. Between designing sites, working full time, and having a wild and crazy life, I have been rather neglectful of my cooking blog. I have been going out a lot lately. Hitting the town with my homeslices and having fun. One of my favorite places, that I do not get to go to nearly enough, is […]

Happy Easter! Cream cheese makes everything better.


Yesterday was Easter, and for the first time in a very long time my parents chose to entertain.They invited 11 people over, both  family and friends. We started cooking Saturday night, boiling eggs and what not. All the prep work that could be done for Sunday. Sunday morning I woke up like a little kid at Christmas. I was pumped, ready to go, and annoyingly chatty. The prime rib went in at 8:30 AM and that’s when the cooking started.  The guests didn’t arrive until 3:30 but my parents and I were ready. We all love to cook. And who […]

Chicken Salad and Muffins


I have been uber lazy in the kitchen lately.  It’s not that I don’t want to cook, its that I’m broke. T.T I am dying to use my new shine and red kitchenaid 7 cup food processor and new beautiful herb mincer that I got for Christmas but I just have been too cheap to go down to the grocery store and buy anything. Horrible excuses. Today I made a staple that I love, chicken salad. I had never had chicken salad until I was like 15. What is wrong with me??? Once was enough though. Who can resist chicken […]