Corned Beef and Cabbage


I thought for sure that I would be able to use the last week to catch up on some reading. For those who may not be regulars here, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and was kind of looking forward to a few days ‘vacation’ from normal duties. But now I feel like I owe everyone a huge apology. A blogging friend of mine asked how I manage my time the other day. Between cooking and getting the posts up (not to mention the dishes) food blogging can take up a large chunk of time. She asked how I returned […]

Cheddar Beer Weenies and BBQ Wings


Because I’m an awesome planner (or maybe I am just a freak about my magazines), I ripped out a page in Rachael Ray October 2011 – and wrote the date on it – to share with you. As I mentioned yesterday, I know nothing about football, but RR was kind enough to have an entire page summing up the game for me. The article covers everything from the quarterback being the person who throws the ball, to the value of the touchdowns. That being said I still have no clue what an H-back is, or who the why the linebacker is watching […]

Chicken, Brie, & Bacon Turnovers


It isn’t great to admit this for business, but today was just what I needed. A slow day at the shop, but back to the routine and swing of things. Hopefully the normalcy will get me motivated for some tasty posting too! Now if only I could catch up on a little blog loving, things would feel like normal. I had on the Food Network in the background at the shop today because I’m a masochist (really it’s because I can just drown it out), and over heard Rachael Ray talking about how important dinner was to her. How she […]

Christmas Dinner and a Holiday Giveaway


Christmas wouldn’t be the same (in this modern world of ours) without Christmas specials. I love finding the same classic movies on over and over again from Thanksgiving on. Nothing quite makes you smile like the distant hum of all the Whos down in Whoville or when Linus gives his Christmas monologue. That is the meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown. So what do Christmas specials have to do with food? Not a whole lot. But, these Cornish hens reminded me of the humble dinner that Bob Cratchit served his family for Christmas. (Another Christmas classic my dad would always watch […]

Leftovers? Eat like a pilgrim, Pilgrim Sandwich


The best part about Thanksgiving? The leftovers, duh! For as long as I can remember, a local sub shop has offered a sandwich all year round that is a carb-oholic’s dream come true. The sandwich starts with a beautiful thick hoagie roll overflowing with stuffing, turkey, cranberries and a slather of mayo. It’s the kind of sandwich that requires a long nap or a marathon immediately afterwards.  It’s the kind of sandwich I only allow myself to order maybe once a year. It’s the kind of sandwich that give’s angels wings. Oh yeah, it’s that good. So, you can imagine […]

London Broil with Herb Butter for Steph’s Virtual Bridal Shower


We’re going to the chaple and we’re gunna get married. No, not me! This special Friday broadcast of Pass the Sushi is to celebrate  Steph from Steph’s Bite by Bite‘s wedding!  I can’t imagine the kind of planning and organization that goes into weddings these days, but Steph had to bump her’s up almost a year sooner than expected and she has been working her booty off to have the best wedding ever – all while still running 10ks…. Seriously? I find working my normal job, cooking, running this blog, and biking tiring enough – when does she find the time? […]

Open-Face Hot Chicken Sandwich with Creamy Mushroom Gravy


I owe every one in the foodie blogging world an apology. Where I have made sure that posts were scheduled and up for the last week, I have been really bad at checking out everyone else’s posts and commenting. As I type this, it’s Monday night (I know, it’s Wednesday) and I haven’t had a moment to myself in 10 days. I have only been home before 8 PM once. My dad’s wife has been away on business for the past 10 days and even though my father is young, healthy, and fully capable of taking care of himself, I have still stopped by every […]

Ranch Burgers


The weather seems to have finally broken from unforgiving levels of humidity and turned cool to match my over excited Fall mood. This weekend happened to be one of the best we have had in a long time and we wanted to make the most of it. I’ve got some wicked new mountain biking bruises to prove it. With the turn towards hoodies and boots, this may be the last burger I post for the season – and that’s ok, because it’s going to be hard to top perfection. Ha! Ok, it’s good – but there are far too many […]

Rosemary Ribeye Steaks with Grilled Bread Salad


Have you guys seen that new TV show, New Girl? It stars Zooey Deschanel who is a recently dumped girl trying to break free from her model friends and start fresh (though, it seems like they are still friends, she just didn’t want to live with her anymore). I watched the first episode the other night and actually found myself laughing out load. Sadly, because if you ever wanted to know what I am really like in my own kitchen, Zooey’s character Jess is probably about as close as you will ever get to an on screen interpretation. Where I would […]

Onion-Cheddar Pork Burgers


Handsome and I have recently gotten ourselves knee deep into a new hobby. One I would have never imagined myself doing alone. Mountain biking. Every weekend and on weeknights where one of us doesn’t have school or work, we load up the truck with out two new Cannondale bikes, our silly sport apparel, and helmets and head out. We have discovered several great trails at some local Maryland and Delaware state parks that each offer something different and enjoyable for our rides. The guys at Wooden Wheels bike shop in Newark have been great to us as well, helping us pick […]

Celebrating Oktoberfest with Sauerbraten & Spetzle


Oktoberfest is this weekend and along with German’s, brats, and beer I wanted to have a little something something over here at Pass the Sushi. So, I grabbed my heavy beer stein took my blend of NyQuil and Sudafed and with no knowledge of anything remotely German food-wise, made a giant mess in the kitchen. The spetzle was a challenge, as the directions called for a batter like dough, with an ingredient list that simple didn’t produce something of that constancy. I added more water to account for the thickness and even then, still had problems getting the dough through […]

Grill-Roasted Beef


When I think of roast beef, I think of low and slow cooking in a roasting ban filled with veggies and a crisp fall afternoon. I certainly don’t think open flame, charcoals and barbecue. Until today. A classic roast beef is hard to top in the comforting down home category, but I may never go back.   Stay tuned because later this week I show you a great recipe to use up any leftovers. 

Chicken Enchiladas a Secret Recipe


I went and did it. I joined a club. But unlike others that I have considered joining, this one I’ll be able to keep up with. There are lots of options for groups and clubs in the online cooking sphere, and all of them look really interesting. From the Daring Bakers to French Fridays with Dorie, each one offers an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Problem is, I tend to randomly pick my posts, have rather poor planning skills (the fact that the cake featured for my birthday was actually the cake I made for […]

Chimichurri Venison Sirloin


We’re meat eaters in this household – I’m pretty  sure that’s obvious to any of my regular readers. I’ll pretty much experiment with grilling, smoking, grinding, brining and roasting any piece of meat but when it comes to steak we are simple. We like our thick cut bone in rib eye grilled to perfection, plain and simple, because really, it doesn’t need anything else So when it comes to sauce on a steak, I’m rather clueless. I always thought sauce was kind of a way to cover up some other flaw in the meal. It wasn’t until recently that I […]

Charcoal-Grilled Pork Loin with Apple-Cranberry Filling


I’m addicted to paper. Not sure what it is about it but I think I may be the sole reason book stores will never go out of business. I am probably to blame for 32% of the rain forest being depleted and global warming. Trust me I feel horrible about it, but I can’t pass up a new book or magazine. Just the other night, a quick trip to the buy-in-bulk shoppe resulted in 4 new magazines and a new cookbook. Shameful. That all being said, these weren’t gossip magazines or tabloid trash (though the ones about Wolf-boy and alien […]

Spicy Italian Sausage


I used to think I was tough. I thought I was rough, hard around the edges and out of my 3 co-workers the the most intimating. Yeah, I was gangster. Until the day I decided to make sausage. Let me just tell you, sausage making will knock you out of your boots no matter how tall you think you stand. Or at least it did to me. It wasn’t butchering of the pork, slicing delicately around bone – making sure the fat ratio was just right took me down. It wasn’t the marinating the 4 pounds of cubed pork in […]

Blackened Chicken Wraps


As much as I love sharing everything I cook with my readers, somethings are just meant to be family secrets. My step-moms barbecue sauce for one, a family tradition stored on a stained index card passed down to her. My dads deep dish apple pie, adapted from a newspaper clipping turned yellow with age and finessed with his years of experimentation. My super simple cheese dip that I get constant compliments on at parties and gatherings – some things I just can’t bring myself to share. Just like the perfect blackening seasoning we use for our blackened chicken. Yeah, that […]

Beef Burgers with Crunchy Sour Cream Onions


Burgers are one of those great classics where when you have a recipe – and its good – its so hard to deviate and try something new. But with all the other burger recipes out there I realized I had to break my mold and try new things. Chicken, sausage, onions, mushrooms, barbeque, cheeses, stuffed, smoked, and seared… The possibilities are endless and Lord knows, I’ve yet to meet a burger I didn’t love. There’s something about the fresh ground meat cooked to perfection with the combination of bun and other deliciousness (or sometimes naked and cold leftover from yesterday) […]

Pan Seared Burgers – The “From Away” Burger


I am a meatarian any which way you slice it. I’ll enthusiastically take a slab of beef over the worlds most tantalizing desserts every single time. I’m not sure how my parents programmed me to salivate over beef and not over candy but that’s just the way I’m wired – (For all I know I was rewarded for ringing a bell when I was first learning to crawl with jerky) and I get the impression I may not be alone. So, upon seeing the image of meat being ground to perfection and a tag line stating ‘grinding your own meat […]

Making time for dinner: Baked Chicken Nuggets


Enter to Win a 170z bottle of Carapelli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil through May 22nd. You know what I don’t get? Not having time for dinner. What has changed so much that people now don’t have the time for dinner? Make time. My family always had dinner together, it may have been Shake-n-bake with frozen Green Giant veggies, but it was time spent as a family at the supper table. I may not be at home with my father making me eat what’s put in front of me, but I still serve dinner at the dinner table almost every […]

Get your flame on, Asian Burgers

Asian Burger

Remember to enter to win 6 pints of Graeter’s Ice Cream through May 8th! Can you smell that? It’s the smell of hot coals and an open flame, the low heat of a smoker slowly infusing its flavor into a thick piece of meat, the joy of a hot dog and it’s plethora of toppings. That’s right. It’s time to fire up those grills. I may not have a brick oven tucked into my gardens, but my little back yard has its fair share of outdoor cooking equipment and oh, the bonding we are going to do this summer. There […]

Kiss the Cook for Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Fried Chicken


I just saw a Stouffer’s commercial for their skillet meals for two. Now, as much as I love to cook, my weeknight meals never inspire flowers, music, or wine. The commercial makes me feel like I should stop cooking so damned much so that maybe when I do cook some awesomeness (or in the commercials case a decent prepackaged skillet meal) would get a romantic reaction of some sort. Who am I kidding…. Romance isn’t necessarily something Handsome specializes in. Yes, I know the above paragraph makes me sound like a brat, but who doesn’t want a random flower, a […]

Getting down home with Meaty Gumbo


ts so cold here today that there were ice crystals on the inside of the backdoor for a large portion of the day. Now, I’m not complaining, it’s winter – but it’s bloody cold. The only good thing about the winter is the food. Cold weather brings out the best in hearty soups, stews and (not great for my waistline) comfort foods. Can’t eat a pile of mac and cheese in the summer and not feel horrible about that bikini mocking you in the closet. In the winter, the hoodie easily hides the guilt. I wasn’t raised in the south, […]

Quick Dinner Fixins


With all the tasty baked goods on Pass the Sushi it’s hard to give the day to day dinners any of the limelight but I feel really strongly on solid family dinners and almost every night I try to have something on the table.   I grew up with family dinner – every night. It was nothing fancy (most nights just Shake and Bake) but it was a meat, starch and vegetable – the basics for any solid meal. I’m grateful for those dinners and not nights eating in front of the television. Now a days, not every meal I […]

Venison Sliders


I have a weird hobby (seriously, I work at a comic book store, I know weird hobby when I see it). I photograph my food. Now I like to think I am not obsessive or freakish about my hobby but I am 99% sure it freaks my boyfriend out, especially now that I have new lights. Nothing special, just some ‘daylight’ fluorescent bulbs in these metal tin looking things but they sure do light up a room. I’m not crazy, I swear, but the sun is setting way to early this time of year and getting lights was the only […]

Guilty Indulgence — Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf


I have a few vegetarian friends, a few friends that can’t eat carbohydrates and several diabetic friends – all who I hope occasionally read this site – and I have never felt guilty about posting a recipe until now.   This artery clogging gluttonous guilty pleasure of a meatloaf is insane. Meat and pork wrapped in bacon (the gift from the gods)? Oh, there’s not a single healthy thing I can think to say about this. The measly one carrot, celery stalk, half and onion – they don’t even count as vegetable here. They just add to volume of meatiness. […]

Beginners Smoked Chicken


My father likes new and shiny things. When things no longer shine (or one comes along with shinier buttons), he wants new ‘shinies’. This is a good thing and a bad thing for me. It makes the man a royal pain to shop for. He wants it – he owns it. However, it means that next summer I get a ‘new’ grill and that just recently we got a ‘new’ smoker. A year old and a little used, yeah, that’s still new to me.   Today I smoked my first chicken (my first ever anything smoked) and already my head […]