Skinny Stuffed Shells

Sweater season is coming to a close… or at least I am telling myself that. But there are some comforts I am never giving up. And this version of stuffed shells on the skinny let’s me have my joy and eat it too. There’s something about homemade food. It’s just better. Some nights its easier to grab something on the way home. Some night’s it’s just nice to go out. But homemade wins here, 99% of the time. Pasta is one of those dishes I rarely order out. I always feel like it’s crazy expensive for what you are getting. […]

Pesto Artichoke Lasagna Rolls


This time of year I am more than guilty of binging on heavy meals – I mean those carb laden heavy meals that sit in your tummy until lunch the next day. Those guilty kinds of means. The heavy ones that are oh so worth it. (The sweat your tush off at the gym the next day meals) And lasagna has to be one of my favorites. I had to travel a few weekends ago and wanted to leave something hearty and delicious behind for my man and these little lasagna rolls were born. I baked them in personal gratin […]

Chicken Marsala


Managing a food blog (and yes, I did say managing for those of you who snorted because it has become a rather time consuming hobby) can be very crucial to a happy home. There is a list a few pages, sticky notes and magazines clippings long of recipes I want to try, nibbles and bites that I would love to experiment with and ingredients I would have to do a google search to identify and find. I could fill 3 squares for 365 days plus snacks and desserts, never repeat a recipe once and probably only result in adding even […]

Carbonara with Saffron & Giveaway


By the time you are reading this, I will be on my way to Dallas to hobnob with other comic retailers, distributors, vendors, and the guys who make the capes fly. To say traveling for work is fun would be a tab bit of a lie. Sure, I have a blast while I’m there, I get to meet great people and rock the comic business, but leaving my two cats, the dog and free snuggles behind really pulls at my heart strings. I know its only a short time, which is nothing compared to people who travel a lot for […]

Lasagna Soup


This is one of those recipes I have been debating on whether or not I post for some time. I saw variations of lasagna soup on many sites and the idea most definitely caught my attention. Making lasagna for two is rough. There is only so many days of lasagna for lunch and dinner that we can handle, and a large pan of lasagna is about three days more than we need. But soup. We can down some soup in this house. Could a quick soup really be as good as a serving of your grandmomas’s home made labor of […]

Grilled Chicken Lemon Alfredo


Here it is a few days before my step-sister’s bridal shower (which I am in charge of) and as time slips by, I can’t help but think of a comment that was left on my blog… Oh, I love you hon, but really, do you want to know what it’s like having me plan something? I have finally written out my menu and started shopping, and stressing about the deep clean I want to give this place tomorrow, and still have yet to decide 100% on favors. There’s a row of vines in my yard that just decided to up […]

Meatballs a la Pizzaiola


The thing about my dad and I is that we kind of grew up together. He was young when he had me and played his hand the best he could. The best part about this (besides having a dad who loved K’nex just as much as me) was that I grew up knowing his friends, who I now consider my friends. They are also somewhat like a pack big brother’s who I know I could call on for anything if I needed to. A few weeks ago, a friend of the family had us all over for dinner. It was […]

Pesto Tortellini Gratin


  Who needs reality TV – if you could follow Handsome and I around on a mundane Tuesday night, you would never slump to the lows of the Jersey Shore ever again. I promise. See, we are a sippy cup kind of special. You won’t hear us having thought provoking conversation that would eventually lead to the cure for cancer. No sweet poems would pass our lips with candlelight and music filling the air. No long conversations about the duldrums of one’s job. Nope. You’d see him chasing me around the house with a spoon covered in macaroni  and have to put up with […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Skillet Lasagna


Today was one of those days when you have to wonder what the heck is wrong with people. I witnessed a car accident, it was minor, but I figured I’d pull over and leave my number if the police needed another witness. Well, I was thanked for stopping by being told I would be punched in the face if I didn’t leave by the people in the car who hit the other. Wow, really? You failed to yield at a yield, nail a person and have the audacity to sit there and scream at them… The man who was hit […]

Pasta Bolognese


The following statement will show you just how screwed up I am, but, I love me some telemarketers. I thoroughly enjoy screwing with them. I know, I am not a good person. My parents used to get a certain news paper calling their house 6 or 7 times a week wanting them to subscribe to their paper. Apparently, their general disinterest did not stop the telemarketers from trying though. Finally I’d had enough and answered the phone in my best child like voice. The telemarketer asked to speak to my mommy or daddy to which I relied, “Mommy hasn’t been […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Artichoke Chicken Pasta


It was another late night dinner when Handsome got home from school at 10pm. I always feel bad because he doesn’t often get a lot to eat during the day and being a hard worker, I want to make sure he at least gets one good meal a day. Not to mention, he loves himself some artichoke (not sure I do). I have never really worked with artichoke, and the few times I’ve had it (canned) it seems bitter and a little grainy. So, with no real idea of whether or not this would work, I went town in the […]

Spaghetti alla carbonara


I love trying new things. In the past 11 months I have discovered a world of new ingredients and flavors that I would have never otherwise known had I not challenged myself with this blog and to try two new recipes a week. However, when dealing with new things you aren’t always certain of how things are supposed to look, taste or turn out. Every now and then I like to call in a friend for advice, technique and even to prepare the whole meal as I sit back and feel like a lazy bum.   Spaghetti alla carbonara From […]

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty. Ravioli


Today was my day off and, much like that lady on the food network who seems really mean, I spent it cooking (minus the film crew and culinary prestige of course). I woke up early to bake cookies (hopefully that post is for tomorrow) and went to a friends house to make ravioli. And by make, I mean he did all the work while I snapped pictures. Kind of nice for a change.   Like all things that require a kneaded dough, ravioli intimidated me. I understand the basics of kneading, but I am a visual learner and I don’t […]

Olive Garden Chicken Scampi


At first this whole cooking dinner while the BF was in class was kinda fun. I didn’t have to think about it as much nor did I have to waste time in the kitchen when we could be hanging out. It gave me lots and lots of free time. Now that were in the thick of it though, eating dinner alone sucks. Sure, that’s selfish of me, but it’s how I feel at the moment. The stress of the school work isn’t making anything fun either. I feel absolutely horrible for saying so, but I want some me time with […]

Sausage Calzones, you’ll be on fire for this one


It’s like a bazillion degrees outside today and I’m blaming it on the people who weren’t happy with last weeks refreshing break mother nature granted us with. If it was a bazillion and it rained every now and then it may not be such a bad thing. It hasn’t rained though. The grass is brown and my plants are starting to turn yellowish brown even though I’ve been making sure to water them. I’ll be really sad if I lose my garden now due to a PO’d Mother Nature. Speaking of hot…. I made a total newb mistake today and […]