Cake Batter Oreo Fudge

Cake Batter Oreo Fudge
Sometimes you need to eat lettuce and cry yourself to sleep night after night. Then there are times when you just need to shove some fat kid food in your face.

Right now, I’m trying to find a happy medium. We have decided to start a ‘program’ – you know, wake up early, sweat your ass off, eat better, run faster, jump higher sort of thing. I’m not sure I can handle it, but who knows. All so we can be a smidgen faster on the bikes (which really doesn’t matter as long as you are still crashing into trees. Yeah, I’m hardcore). The problem with rolling out of bed before the sun comes up and kicking my own ass, is that I get hungry. Stupid hungry. For the rest. of. the. day. Which rather defeats the point. I get all the healthy benefits, metabolism kicked up and what not. But, I could seriously chew my arm off. And when you work til close in retail, that means you pig out when you get home or on Fish McBites when no ones looking (gross). Not good. Even on my best days, I try to bring soup or grab a healthy spinach salad and I could still kill a container of hummus, a candy bar, and a bag of tortilla chips before the end of my shift then shamefully head out to Taco Tuesday after I close.  Seriously, not working.

So, on days when eating like a bunny doesn’t cut it, things like this happen. And they are glorious. Please, Ignore my guilt as I head back to the gym. 

Cake Batter Oreo Fudge

Cake Batter Oreo Fudge

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    I totally understand where you’re at right now! I’m training for a half marathon and after a morning run I’m starved all day! Fudge would help with the hunger and sugar is good for your brain :)

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    I prefer to work out in the morning, because it’s over and I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day. But waking up before the sun comes up is difficult for me, and most of the group fitness classes I like to go to are in the evenings. But when I used to work out in the AM I had teh same problem of feeling starved all day!

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    I’m debating whether I should show this recipe to Liv… she is a funfetti-aholic! She’s still in those lucky years where she doesn’t have to worry about the gym…
    Pure awesomeness!

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    Oh my! These look amazing!! Have been thinking a lot about fudge lately…. It’s a bit hard to forget when Cake Batter Oreo Fudge appears on my twitter feed! Love it!!

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    Welcome to the lovely world of being healthy haha. Truth be told I have days like that too where I could, no joke, eat and entire bag of chips or entire pizza by myself. I find the more protein I eat, the more full I stay. I do like my bunny food but sometimes that fat kid just won’t shit it.

    Your goodies here are almost too much to bare (I haven’t had a sweet thing since Valentine’s because of Lent)!

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    G’day Kita! Your photo looks so fun, true!
    I have such special fond memories of Oreos and your post today made me smile like I was 5 again too!
    Cheers! Joanne
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    • Kita says

      Awww thank you for coming over and commenting. I am glad I could make you smile. Thank you for hoping over from Kim’s site 😀


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