Butterscotch Chip Oatmeal Cake

This weekend at one of those extended family-family barbecues (because we refuse to believe it was BITTERLY cold this weekend) after about 40 minutes of non stop chatter about my cats at home and our dog, who made the trip with us just to see his BFF, I realized I talk about my pets the way some people talk about their kids.

And that’s totally annoying.

No one cares how cuddly my cat is, their cat is cuddly too. But it’s nice that people humor me while daydreaming of Hawaiian vacations and projects that need completing at home.

So this weeks Diggin’ It Tuesday is dedicated to my fluffy friends.

That top Rotty on the left is my adopted baby from time to time, Goulda. I get her for 2 weeks a year while her Poppa Smurf is out of town. She was an abuse victim and has made leaps and bounds towards recover. And I love her.

The black and white kitten next to Goulda is my Princess Yayas (otherwise known as Kiori).

The tabby is my trouble making, fetch playing, always snugglacious Maddox.

And that giant black and white beast is my ever loyal, ever loving Marble who was just traumatized with a bath. Worst day ever.

(ok, ok. I know that some people enjoy talking about their pets too. For those who don’t, thanks for humoring me ;) )



  1. Oh, your pets are so cute! Keep talking about them. For us, animal lovers, there’s never too much of pet talk.

  2. Love the simplicity to this cake! It looks lovely.

  3. This cake looks delectable!! So yummy and totally perfect for Fall. Your fur babies are so adorable!

  4. Aw it’s okay I talk about my cat a lot too, although you have more pets than I do so therefore have more to talk about!

  5. Aww, I wanna adopt a cat now. I wonder if my husband would notice…

    Mmm butterscotch! I ate all the butterscotch dumdums out of the Halloween candy basket last night so I think I need to make this.

  6. Your furball friends are so cute.

  7. I’m not sure what I like more, all the cat pictures or the cake. Hmmm.

  8. OMG, love these! Damn, they look so good!

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