Bite-Size Cinnamon Pecan Twirls

While driving home the other night after a few good miles on the bike, Handsome and I were both blinded what we were both certain was a mermaid standing in someones yard. There were sequins and glitter everywhere, so of course it had to be a merfolk and Aquaman was not too far behind. Then as we turned onto our street more garrish dresses and young women trying to walk through yards without sinking their heals in appeared.

That reminded me that while beboping around earlier that day a man on the radio said the average cost of prom was up to $1500…. I’m not sure what happened in the 10 years since I graduated but $1500? What the heck are these kids spending that kind of money on – and why are the parents even letting them? Prom should be a nice dress, a rented suite and an evening out. I can not fathom how that racks up to $1500. Clearly I am not from the area that skewed those statistics.

So what of it? How much did you shell out for prom? Parents, how much are you willing to let your kids spend?





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  1. says

    Oh God! It’s crazy! $1500??? We don’t even have a prom in Thailand… and if we did, I don’t think anyone would go that far.
    Wow the twirls… now that’s what I should be spending my money on :)

  2. says

    Whoa! I’m from a small town in the Midwest where I’m sure prom was a lot cheaper than it was in a big city — but I spent no where near $1500, probably 1/10th that! But if you get a designer dress, go out to eat and rent a limo, I bet it adds up pretty darn fast.

  3. says

    That’s absurd!! I think my dress was under $200 and then one year shared a limo for I think about $100 per person? Then the tickets were $60 a person? It’s been 9 years for me so I can’t remember for sure. But one year we pimped out my dad’s van and it was so much better than a limo. Rope lights and hand picked song mix burned onto a cd. Woo. No way in hell my dad or I would’ve ever spent over $500 let alone $1500.

  4. says

    I am in the midst of prom preparations with my eldest son. He seems to think that prom is a landmark event…while I keep trying to tell him that as soon as he is out of high school it will just be one more dance. He will be shelling out about $350 by the time he’s done with tux rental, tickets, limo and corsage. I have no idea how much his date is spending on her dress, but I don’t think they will be near the $1500 mark.

    Loving the cinnamon twirls. You just cannot go wrong with crescent rolls and cinnamon.

  5. Kim says

    These things are really a good lil sweet treat I threw a batch together right befor dinner and when I took dinner out. Popped these in and the buzzer was goin off right as we finished Awesome

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