Barbecue Chicken Burgers – Going Back for Seconds

With all the new recipes I post on PtS, it rarely leaves time for any repeat meals. Sure we have our favorites (Mr. Ortega, will you please marry me so I may inherit your wonderful taco empire?) but it’s pretty much a new surprise every time I call out that dinners ready.

“What do you mean you don’t know what were having? Have you tasted it?”


“Then how do you know if it’s good?”

“It just is.”

“But how do you knnoooooow?”

This is not a dramatization, wish I could say it was, but it ain’t.  It’s a normal conversation in our house when dinner is set in front and I’ve thrown together new ingredients that were alien in our household until the morning of. And I’m pretty darn happy about this too. We have learned about so many things that we would have never known we even liked because of it – like this one, for example, chicken burgers can be pretty damned tasty. I know, blows your mind doesn’t it? But these were so tasty I’ve managed to make them twice!


Had I dared to serve this a year ago, dinner would have been met with a sigh of discontent. Chicken…. burger…. Now a days Handsome happily huffs it down and goes back for seconds. Either he just stopped complaining or I really have introduced him to some new foods he enjoys.

I like to hope its the latter.



  1. LittleMo says:

    Oh, MY, that sounds so good. But ground chicken is so expensive where I live…. Less than a pound for more than four dollars…. :'( Way too expensive. At least, when ground beef’s on sale, I can get a pound and a half for four dollars….

  2. These look delish!! I think the hubby might even approve if I make these. and he doesn’t like ANYTHING! :)

  3. RavieNomNoms says:

    Looks SO good! I should make chicken burgers this weekend since it is supposed to be so nice out. Perfect weather to get my flame on! :-)

  4. What an incredible burger! And I, too, know it tastes fabulous without even a bite :)

  5. What a beautiful burger! I must try this on the weekend :)

  6. Wow, this looks beautiful and yummy! Great blog!! I think I should keep this BBQ recipe saved for my next party menu!

  7. looks delish Kita :) making me hungry and I haven’t even eaten breakfast.

  8. Perfect dish for summer! I am looking for a good barbecue sauce and loved your! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Too funny!! I hardly ever have time for repeats either…always wanting to make something new :) These look super yummy!!

  10. I can see why you made them twice-they look fantastic. I have saved this recipe-thanks for sharing-yum!

  11. I don’t doubt that these burgers are delicious! I mean it’s barbecue chicken!! :) Looks irresistible!

  12. Often we would have the same conversations in my house too:)))
    I think your burgers looks and sound sooo good! Mouthwatering and perfect!!!

  13. Omg I too just discovered this on Annie’s Eats last night, it looks amazing!! I have some ground turkey in the fridge I wonder if it would be as good? Anyway thanks for reading my mind :)

  14. Mmm i don’t have to taste it i just know it’s delicious!

  15. The BBQ sauce sounds delish and I can’t wait to try the burgers with the pulled pork added, yum. Thanks for sharing.

  16. We love chicken burgers! But I have never done a BBQ version, not sure why. We will have to try these soon!

  17. This burger looks incredible! :D

  18. These BBQ Chicken Burgers look delicious! What a great answer to “Chicken again, Mom?”


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