Banana-Nut Pound Cake with Maple Crown Royal Glaze


There was a post planned for this site where I was going to talk about this ‘pay it forward’ ideal that I would love to live by. I have had a lot of awesome pay it forward moments in the last year (mountain bikers are an especially good group for this) where a kind person has helped me, not because they had to, but because it was the right thing to do.

Then January 1st happened and return lines and crappy sales associates and just generally pissy people happened and whatever benevolent and pay it forward attitude I had went out the window faster then a get fit resolution.

I try to remember most of us have had a crappy job that we hated and rolled our eyes through, but when that eye rolling is directed at myself and I haven’t even done anything worth that snotty attitude it kind of crawls under my skin.

Ok ok, back to the pay it forward. Yeah. We’ve all been there. Had a crappy day and been rude to a person who didn’t deserve it. Let’s all try to remember what those days are like though, even when that smart mouthed sales clerk thinks she can walk all over you. Maybe shes just had a rough day and isn’t trying to pocket that $10 she did not hand you when you made an not-so-even exchange and looked at you like a crackhead when you tried to explain that you were owed change. Yes, she’s clearly having a bad day….

So, I’m going to try to keep the pay it forward theme going. It’s hard in today’s world. I offered to return a cart for a woman a few weeks ago and she looked at me with contempt. Been screamed at for holding a door open. Maybe everyone’s just having a bad day. Otherwise, this pay if forward thing is not going to last too long for me…


Speaking of paying it forward, I’d like to give a shout out to Taylor Strategy for sending me tiny little bottles of alcohol to sample for this cake. They have been put to good use… and a few may have been added to a dash of eggnog as well.



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    Oh I totally know the feeling… when it seems like anyone and everyone is having the worst. day. ever. But then there’s that one person who actually is nice to you that makes up for it. A little bit, anyway :) In any case, this pound cake? Good gracious, it sounds delicious! You can pay this cake forward to my house any time 😉

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    Maple Crown Royal? Be still my heart. I’m already plotting a trip to the liquor store, mostly because I want to see if a maple rye Manhattan tastes as good as I think it does. (Why yes, I am thinking of cocktails at 11am. That’s what happens when I spend all morning reviewing software design specs.)
    BTW, I think the hardest part of paying it forward is convincing the cranky and skeptical people out there that you don’t have an ulterior motive for doing something nice. We’re a rather suspicious lot, us humans. It’s worth it for the few times that you get to make someone’s a day little bit better, though.

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    Screw their attitudes. Whatever their reason, that’s downright RUDE. You are such a sweet and thoughtful person I would hate to think they don’t even take a moment to see that. I guess that’s why they’re called strangers. They are very strange.

    I love seeing your beautiful yummy treats that you are making! I hope you have a most excellent day my beautiful friend!

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    I just love the shape of that cake! Every time I see a bundt made with that pan I want to run out and buy one. Delicious flavor combo, this sounds amazing!

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    That is seriously a gorgeous cake! I have seen those bundt pans before but was always nervous it wouldn’t come out like that, get stuck or something. You did any amazing job!

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    That swirl pan is my favorite of all fancy bundt pans. It is so classy looking.

    I am sorry that all of your good turns seem to be thrown back in your face. It’s hard to be nice when it isn’t received graciously.


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