Bakery Fresh Bagels

Ever get a bug up your booty and want to wipe the slate clean? That’s where I am. I want to box everything up in the house, drag it into the front yard – clean top to bottom and only bring back the essentials. Blame it on the women who put my through my teens, but I can’t take a mess, clutter, or a single dish in the kitchen sink at night. Ha, don’t I sound like
everything I made fun of during those rough years.
The thinking behind it all was that you may never have much, but you should never be embarrassed of what you have. It starts with a little stain in the bathroom sink that keeps catching your eye and ends with you up to your knees in Comet staring at a sparkly fresh bathroom before you can help it. Bet you can guess what I did this morning. I’m not alone right?
So, let me be weird and anal about my cleaning habits, and enjoy these fresh homemade bagels.


This was my first attempt at bagels. Now I’m rather excited about the whole process and can’t wait to experiment with more flavor combos.

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  1. says

    bug up your booty :) Time to change the bee in your bonnet adage (since I don’t know anyone who wears bonnets but I certainly know lots of people with booty.) I went through the same thing a few days ago. (the dejunking/cluttering/cleaning) But now my house is a bigger mess than when I started because I couldn’t finish what I started…it was worse than I originally thought. Guess it’s time to make bagels

  2. says

    From boogers to bagels … hmmm.
    Love them! Umm… i meant the bagels. Now first I gotta find me some space in the fridge. Gawd! I’m hopeless at clearing up!

  3. Tanya says

    I would love a homemade bagel right now! They look good! I wish I was clean, neat and organized. I try to buy new containers, set new rules, etc., but I have 4 things against me! Three I gave birth to, and one I happen to marry, a losing battle for sure! LOL!

  4. RavieNomNoms says

    Yummy, I love bagels! I haven’t had a good one in a really long time. It would be great to make them and then just have them in the house for sure! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. says

    I do the same thing all the time. It’s always that one little thing that starts a cleaning frenzy. I’m feeling that way about my fridge at the moment. The bagels look delicious and did a great job of taking my mind off of my fridge for a few seconds!

  6. says

    We are currently having a big clean out at our house and I spend half my time overjoyed and the other half in despair of ever seeing the floor again. But it has to be done. Your bagels look great. I have a constant debate with myself as to whether they are too much work, but I do want to give them a go.

  7. says

    They look wonderful. I have that book and everything I make out of it except for the crackers just doesn’t work for me. You must have the magic touch. I use America’s Test Kitchen bagel recipe and they too are very tasty.

  8. says

    I’ve never really wanted to bake my own bagels, until now. These look amazing. And what a treat they must be for you after you clean up. I need to catch a bit of that cleaning craze. I need to clean out my basement. Yikes! I think I’ll make bagels instead.

    • Kita says

      I want to try blueberry next because I have been on a blueberry kick lately but I don’t see why I couldn’t try some whole wheat sesame seed ones too!

  9. says

    I love bagels and home made is always best! I’ve made a few breads that start with a sponge – and they give the bread such an amazing flavor! These look terrific!

  10. says

    Great first attempt, looking forward to your variations. And, I’m trying to ignore the stain in the sink just a few more days, my energy is gone!

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